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A People’s History of the Marvel Universe, Primary Special: Krakoan Economics

(This is wildly out-of-order, but if you follow me on Twitter or Tumblr, you’ll know that these ideas are running around in my brain, and the only way to get them to stop is to write them up.)

There have been many x-cellent analyses of House of X/Powers of X and Dawn of X from many different perspectives – from nationalism and nation-states to queer and disability theory and the politics of “safe spaces” – but one relatively unexplored dimension is economics and economic policy. As Spencer Ackerman points out, while Jonathan Hickman may be familiar to many Marvel fans as the writer of Fantastic Four and Avengers, he’s also the author of Black Monday Murders, which presented economic theory and high finance as black magick. (Wait, wrong Image series.)

Is Hickman et al’s interest in economic topics just style and symbolism, or is there content to Krakoan economics? Do we have a mutant economic policy to go along with our mutant language for a mutant culture and a mutant nation-state?

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  • Don’t agree with Zizek, but something he said about the “marriage between capitalism and democracy is over” has resonated with me, and it brings me to mind when you say that small nations survive by appealing to economic self-interest more than human rights. Krakoa feels like an attempt by the X-men to become the IRL China (Which was Zizek’s model when he made that comment) inside the Marvel Universe, i.e. crush capitalism by doing it better than them, convert the old ports that the British used to exploit you during the Opium Wars into SEZs and then build enough capital and influence that you can buy the world away. It feels like the X-Men taking that as a model for mutantkind…Xavier and Magneto as Deng Xiaoping or Xi Jingping rather than MLK/Malcolm X.