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House of X and Powers of X Come to Marvel Future Fight

Netmarble has announced a new update inspired by Marvel’s “House of X” and “Powers of XX-Men comic book storylines – in which Charles Xavier and the mutants create a new world order on the island of Krakoa and reveal themselves to the world — for their popular mobile game MARVEL Future Fight. All-new characters, gameplay improvements, and House of X-themed uniforms are now available for Agents to collect and experience.

New uniforms have been added, including a House of X uniform for Wolverine and Magneto, a Marvel Girl uniform for Jean Grey and a Nimrod the Lesser uniform for Sentinel. Three new House of X-themed characters have also been added to the game: Professor X, Mystique, and Mister Sinister.

Additionally, Professor X has new ultimate skills and can now be upgraded to Tier-3, while the ‘Awaken Potential feature’ for Mystique is now unlocked. The ‘Realize Potential’ feature is also unlocked for Professor X, Mystique, and Mister Sinister. Other improvements include updates to the S.H.I.E.L.D Academy Mission and tutorial renewal.

Today’s update also introduces ‘Squad Battle’ to MARVEL Future Fight. Squad Battle is a new game mode where players compete with other Agents with obtained battle scores by forming teams of Super Heroes that meet specific conditions. Players are divided into six leagues where they must compete against each other for access to higher leagues. Every week, leagues are re-established and promotions, sustainment, and demotions are determined by ranks within each league.

MARVEL Future Fight celebrated its fourth anniversary with over 100 million players across the world. The game is currently available worldwide in the App Store and Google Play.

A People’s History of the Marvel Universe, Primary Special: Krakoan Economics

(This is wildly out-of-order, but if you follow me on Twitter or Tumblr, you’ll know that these ideas are running around in my brain, and the only way to get them to stop is to write them up.)

There have been many x-cellent analyses of House of X/Powers of X and Dawn of X from many different perspectives – from nationalism and nation-states to queer and disability theory and the politics of “safe spaces” – but one relatively unexplored dimension is economics and economic policy. As Spencer Ackerman points out, while Jonathan Hickman may be familiar to many Marvel fans as the writer of Fantastic Four and Avengers, he’s also the author of Black Monday Murders, which presented economic theory and high finance as black magick. (Wait, wrong Image series.)

Is Hickman et al’s interest in economic topics just style and symbolism, or is there content to Krakoan economics? Do we have a mutant economic policy to go along with our mutant language for a mutant culture and a mutant nation-state?

Jamelle Bouie, Spencer Ackerman: The X-Men at Davos, HoxPox & Dawn of X

New York Times Opinion columnist Jamelle Bouie and Spencer AckermanDaily Beast National Security Reporter, join me to talk about the new X-Men series, the ideology of Krakoa and more:

  • “Magneto as Lenin” Jamelle Bouie 
  • “This is The X-Men that I have always dreamed of existing, in my soul”- Spencer Ackerman
  • What does the Mutant Liberation Front really mean?
  • Pan Africanism, not Zionism 
  • “Based on my friends fighting between Bernie and Warren there should be a lot more fighting between being a Magneto guy vs being a Scott Summers guy.” — me, @Elana_Brooklyn
  • The utterly perfect X-Men #4

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Bloodshot Book One

Much of the GP team has a long weekend but that doesn’t mean we’re taking the day off. Expect a packed day of news! To get things rolling, here’s some comic news and reviews from around the web in our morning roundup.

WSYM-TV – MLK Commission welcomes Andrew Aydin to 2020 Day of Celebration – Congrats to Andrew!

Tom’s Guide – Best Comic Book Apps 2020 – Free Readers for iPad, iPhone, Android – Any you all like?

Whatculture – 10 Best Comic Books That DON’T Have Superheroes – Agree? Disagree?

How to Love Comics – How To Start Reading The Umbrella Academy Comics [Guide + Reading Order] – A handy guide for those interested.

How to Love Comics – Bloodshot Reading Order Guide – Another handy guide.

The Comichron – December 2019 comics and graphic orders up 9%; House of X/Powers of X top dollar GN – For those interested in the race.


AIPT – Criminal Macabre: The Big Bleed Out #2
Talking Comics – Legion of Super-Heroes #3
Monkeys Fighting Robots – Over My Dead Body
ICv2 – Sabrina: The Teenage Witch Vol. 1

Hickman’s X-Men: House of X /Powers of X & the Meaning of Krakoa

Mutants talking economic policy at Davos! Cyclops/Wolverine/Jean: a throuple! Is Krakoa Israel or is it a gay bar? Jonathan Hickman leads a relaunch of X-men comics that X-Men fans call #HoXPox. What are the politics of the series? This looks like a job for: 

Chingy Le Gay is a writer, comedian, advice columnist, and critically acclaimed ex-girlfriend. Her work focuses on queer dating, pop culture, and her weird sex life and can be found at Out Magazine, Jezebel, Them, and Autostraddle. https://twitter.com/TheGayChingy

Steven Attewell writes about the intersection of history, politics, and pop culture in The People’s History of the Marvel Universe for Graphic Policy, and at https://racefortheironthrone.tumblr.com/ (where he’s been covering HoX/PoX issue-by-issue). In his day job, he teaches public policy at CUNY’s School for Labor and Urban Studies. https://twitter.com/StevenAttewell


  • Comparing AOC and Krakoa
  • “No it’s not a cult!”
  • Who gets to tell big stories in comics
  • Mutant Social Reproduction in the Marxist sense & the sexy sense
  • Free All Political Prisoners!
  • “My medication is an endless supply of Charles Xaviers”
  • “Emma/Jean is Top for Top” 

As always, hosted by : https://twitter.com/Elana_Brooklyn

Dawn of X Gets a Trade Collecting All of the First Issues this February

A new age for mutants is upon us and with it comes a brand-new way to get in on the action! Jonathan Hickman reshaped the entire world of the X-Men in House of X and Powers of X with shocking revelations and the promise of an exciting future. Now Hickman will lead some of Marvel’s biggest talents into the “Dawn of X,” the first wave of six distinct ongoing titles that will explore the X-Men’s new status quo: X-Men, Marauders, Excalibur, X-Force, New Mutants, and Fallen Angels, each launching the X-Men into thrilling new directions!

This February, Marvel is collecting the first issue of each of those series in Dawn of X Volume 1 TPB.


NEW Cover by TBA

Get in on the ground floor of the Dawn of X! Jonathan Hickman rewrites all the rules and reinvents the X-Men universe for a new and exciting era! Hickman himself helms the adventures of a powerhouse team of X-MEN in a world of fresh possibilities — and co-writes the reunited NEW MUTANTS on a cosmic quest to find their missing friend! And more of the industry’s best and brightest talents take on uncanny X-squads! X-FORCE — the CIA of the mutant world, one half intelligence, the other half special ops! Captain Kate Pryde and her MARAUDERS of the high seas! A new Captain Britain leads EXCALIBUR — made up of Rogue, Gambit, Rictor, Jubilee…and Apocalypse! But who are the FALLEN ANGELS? Collecting X-MEN (2019) #1, X-FORCE (2019) #1, MARAUDERS #1, EXCALIBUR (2019) #1, FALLEN ANGELS (2019) #1 and NEW MUTANTS (2019) #1.

280 PGS./Rated T+ …$24.99
ISBN: 978-1-302-92156-9

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Spawn #300

It’s new comic book day tomorrow! What’s everyone getting? What are you excited for? Sound off in the comments below. While you think about that, here’s some comic news from around the web.

The Comichron – September 2019 comics sales estimates: Spawn #300 tops 262k copies, House of X #1 reorders take it above 200k – For those that enjoy the comics race.

PennLive – Holy court case, Batman! Pa. court revives lawsuit by vintage comic book restorers who claim they were slandered – This should be interesting.

Newsarama – ALA Launching ‘Best Graphic Novels for Adults’ Reading List – This should be interesting.

Those Two Geeks Episode Forty-Seven: The Joke Is On House Of X!

Alex and Joe talk about the semi-recent Batman issues, Joker and their thoughts on the recently ended House/Powers Of X. It’s worth noting that this was intended to come out last week, but Alex forgot to upload the recording.

As always, Alex and Joe can be found on twitter respectively @karcossa and @jc_hesh if you feel the need to tell them they’re wrong individually, or @those2geeks if you want to yell at them together on twitter, or by email at ItsThose2Geeks@gmail.com.

Returning To The X-Men: Powers Of X #6

It’s been nearly six years since I last picked up a new X-Men comic with any real consistency. The last series I read with any regularity featuring the merry mutants was Jason Aaron‘s Wolverine and the X-Men. Which apparently ended around six years ago. It’s fair to say that I’m a little out of touch with that side of the Marvel Universe (though I have been following both Old Man Logan and Dead Man Logan, but those series didn’t really involve the X-Men as much as a team book would). More than a little, honestly. A lot has happened in the six years I’ve been away, and since I barely pay attention to solicitations I have missed most of it.

But with Johnathan Hickman steering the X-Men in a new direction with both House and Powers Of X, I thought this might be a good time to start reading X-Men comics again.

But how easy is it to jump back in relatively blind after more than half a decade away?

Expect spoilers as I try to make sense of the comic.

I’ve found that the Powers Of X comics have been used to fill in information holes and expand upon points made in earlier issue of House Of X. That’s largely the same here, with Powers Of X #6 expanding upon a certain scene within the finale of the aforementioned comic.

It’s that finale that has been sitting with me for several days, delaying the release of this column as I try and make sense of how the House/Powers Of X event has left me feeling. On the one hand, as a reintroduction to the X-Men after nearly six years, it has definitely set me up for success. It has laid the foundation stones for the plethora of new X-Men books coming out starting this week, and while I have no intention of picking them all up, I’ll certainly read two or three.

I’ll be entering the new X-books at a place that will allow me to enjoy the stories for what they are without trying to piece together various arcs from online snippets and editor’s notes in the comics themselves. I’ll know that the mutants have created their own nation, almost entirely exclusive to mutants. In that regard, it was an unmitigated success.

In that regard.

If you were waiting for the other shoe to drop, here it comes.

House/Powers Of X has shifted the X-Men’s place from a minority group fighting for peaceful coexistence with humanity to an elitist nation who think themselves above humanity. While there may be peaceful coexistence, it won’t be as equals anymore.

There are two prime quotes that exemplify this for me, the first has been included in every version of this column and comes from the final page of the first issue. If you need a reminder, scroll up. The second comes from House Of X #5, immediately after a large number of mutants arrive on Krakoa.

House Of X #5 p. 30

It’s with Apocalypse’s line that “you have finally become what I intended you to be. I couldn’t be more proud.” that I realized the X-Men had embraced the big blue mutant’s mantra of “survival of the fittest” in the most obvious was possible. They created a nation of the “the fittest.”

A nation where no mutant need stay dead (and I still don’t know if the new not-technically-a-clone Wolverine after his death and regrowth (read House #4 and #5 for details) has adamantium in his bones or not. If he does, how did it get put into the new body? That’s actually the least of my questions regarding the resurrection process, if I’m honest, but it’s one I focus on because it’s that kind of nitpicking detail I want. No, my bigger question is why does Professor X only copy mutants? Why not expand to humanity as a whole?

Is it because of the constraints of Cerebro as a whole? Unlikely, seeing as how Forge could overcome those with enough time as he did the initial design in Powers #5. No, instead it’s almost like Xavier doesn’t care as much about humans as he does mutants.

Which is a stunning revelation from a man who preached peaceful coexistence for decades (despite having moments of being a slight creep over the years – just google them). Yes, it’s a bold new direction for the X-Men going forward, but one has to wonder; the X-Men have for decades stood as an allegory for minorities and the down trodden. Is this shift emblematic of those minorities finally going back where they came from, or a shift toward a position of elitism as the mutants embrace the superior in homo superior?

Powers Of X #5 p.23

How the X-Men are handled from here on out will be very interesting. At the least, this event has me intrigued enough to pick up X-Men #1 when it hits the shelves this week. Though I’ll be keeping the positional shift firmly in mind as I continue to follow the adventures of the X-Men.

“You see I know how you humans love your symbolism, almost as much as you love you religion. And I wanted you – I needed you – to understand… you have new gods now.”

Magneto, House Of X, #1 p.47.
I keep leaving this image and quote in the column because, for me, it’s emblematic of the series as a whole. It’s Hickman, through Magneto, setting the stage for the future of the X-Men.

Marvel provided a FREE copy for review purposes, but I read the comic in print from my LCS.

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