Gwen Stacy Faces Her Greatest Challenge Yet in Ghost-Spider #7

Throughout Seanan McGuire’s current run of Ghost-Spider, the dimension-hopping Spider-Woman has been fighting crime and taking down enemies all while adjusting to her new school in the main Marvel Universe!

But just when Gwen Stacy gets the swing of her exciting new life in next month’s Ghost-Spider #7, a deadly new threat will be revealed… Having played a pivotal role in last year’s Absolute Carnage event, fellow dimension skipper Maker’s latest machinations will turn Gwen’s life upside down! What does this villainous mastermind want with Gwen and how will he use his superior intellect to change her world forever?

Take a sneak peek at this radical issue and pick up Ghost-Spider #7 by Seanan McGuire and artist Ig Guara, with a cover by Paul Pope, at your local comic shop on Februrary 19th!