Review: Big Hero 6: The Series #1

Big Hero 6: The Series #1

Big Hero 6 is a property that has morphed from its Marvel roots to the animated adventure that hit the big screen years ago. That hit film spawned manga, a television series, and now a comic by IDW Publishing based on the series. Thankfully, Big Hero 6: The Series #1 captures the all-ages enthusiasm that oozes from the film a show.

Delivering two adventures the comic oozes the positive and infectious enthusiasm the series is known for.

Written by Hannah Blumenreich with art by Nicoletta Baldari and lettering by Christa Miesner Fred’s Comic Book Adventure” is the main story of the issue. With the team away on a field trip, Fred is left to his own devices as he imagines battling evil robots on his own. And that imagination is funneled into a comic chronicling his adventures.

What’s really impressive is the narrative and the art together. Blumenreich has fun with changing Fred’s adventures as his ability to draw limits him in ways. There’s some solid lessons there for readers but it also creates fun visuals for Baldari. There, the style of the art shifts from the “real world.” It delivers a visual treat as we get to experience how Fred sees things and the comic has some fun with that too. The comic within a comic concept has been done before but the team not only delivers an entertaining adventure but also has no issues poking fun at the concept as well.

In “Mini Maximum Noodle Dog,” Mini Max is forced to wait outside while Fred grabs food. Writer Joe Caramagna delivers a very cute story that’d work so well as an animated short. Baldari and Miesner again provide the art and lettering. It’s an adorable story that feels like a bonus to the main adventures. But, much like the Pixar shorts before the main film, it’s beyond enjoyable and more than welcome.

Big Hero 6: The Series #1 is an all-ages comic that captures the fun of the television and film. It delivers an enthusiasm that’s hard not to feel while reading. It’s infectious in a way. Definitely one to pick up for fans of the property or for parents looking to find a superhero comic for their young readers.

Fred’s Comic Book Adventure
Story: Hannah Blumenreich Art: Nicoletta Baldari
Mini Maximum Noodle Dog
Story: Joe Caramagna Art: Nicoletta Baldari
Letterer and Design: Christa Miesner

Story: 8.0 Art: 8.5 Overall: 8.0 Recommendation: Buy

IDW Publishing provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review