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Review: King Thor #2

King Thor #2

Thor and Loki’s battle against the God Butcher Gorr continues. King Thor #2 is poetic at moments and at times visually captivating.

Writer Jason Aaron continues his final Thor story as years of setup finally begins to pay off. Gorr is back and in this issue, we find out how and why.

Within the action, Aaron focuses on the relationship between Loki and Thor in what plays out as a tragic dance. Despite the rather twisted nature of it all, it still comes off as sympathetic and to the point you feel for Loki in some ways. There’s a sense of twisted brotherly love and rivalry that is full of emotion.

What Aaron also masterfully does is give us a villain whose viewpoint makes sense in a way. Gorr has a sense of Lucifer about him wanting to free beings from the shackles of gods. It’s an interesting perspective that in some ways is correct and anti-authoritarian and represents a twisted sense of liberty. That angle provides a deeper twist to Aaron’s epic that’s worthy of exploration.

The art by Esad Ribić is amazing as expected. Joined by Ive Svorcina on color and lettering by Joe Sabino, there’s panels that are jaw-dropping. The coloring especially stands out in scenes where the lighting is used to its potential as the dance of battle plays out at a cosmic level. King Thor #2 is a treat to read but visually it’s breathtaking.

The team is knocking it out of the park with a series that is just amazing in every way. Years in the making, the story is coming together in a way that makes it worth the wait.

Story: Jason Aaron Art: Esad Ribić
Color: Ive Svorcina Letterer: Joe Sabino
Story: 9.0 Art: 9.0 Overall: 9.0 Recommendation: Buy

Marvel provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review