Super-Articulate: Marvel Legends Catch-Up – Emma Frost, Agent Anti-Venom, Korg, and More!

How do you do, fellow kids? It’s been pretty busy on the action figure front lately, and there’s a lot of tracking down to do. As of this writing, I haven’t been fortunate enough to happen across one Walgreens Dani Moonstar (let alone three), but I did get ahold of the previously MIA Walgreens Emma Frost. Additionally, my Agent Anti-Venom arrived from Hasbro Pulse, and I got around to picking up two of the two-packs in the wild as they got their deep discount at Walmart. Let’s take a look at all of that.

Emma Frost: No question; this is a top-notch figure. Great design, great sculpt. I know some fans want a classic Hellfire Emma (and I’m one of them), but THIS one is terrific. The figure comes with two heads (one with a more modern cut while the other sports a look more akin to her Hellfire/GenX days) and two sets of hands (gesturing, fists). I vastly prefer the gesturing hands; not only are they nice work in a tiny space, but they’re character appropriate, approximating the way that artists pose Emma in the comics when she uses her powers. The swoop of the cape is well done, and all of the small details in the costume are well-realized. My sole complaint is that she can be a bit difficult to stand with the nature of her heeled boots. Overall, though, this is good work and a continued indication that Hasbro is committed to quality in their exclusives, just like they are in the regular lines.

Agent Anti-Venom: Yes, this is basically Agent Venom with a flipped paint job. But here’s the thing. It looks cool. IT. JUST. LOOKS. COOL. And if we can’t occasionally pick something up just because it looks cool, then why are we toy collectors? I happen to think that the black-on-white layout looks awesome, and it actually makes details pop that were hard to see in the original, darker versions. The accessories are basically the same, with the two pairs of guns and the pseudopod attachment. I really like it, and I’m sticking to that.

Luis/Ghost two-pack: I was frankly delighted when they announced Luis. Michael Peña has been a great value-add to the MCU, and it’s great to see supporting characters get some love. Ghost was also a great choice. The accessories here run from interesting to fun. The extra unmasked head and attachable hood make perfect sense for Ghost. The larger ant (presumably from an Altoids tin) and the shrunken Pym lab are the perfect kind of whimsical touches you’d associate with these sub-franchise. As for the sculpting, the facial likenesses are solid on both; Luis has the grin you’d expect, and the unmasked Ghost head captures some of the exhaustion that Hannah John-Kamen got across in her performance. This is a really nice two-pack. I just had to take a “No te gusta Moz?!?” picture with Luis, as well.

The Grandmaster/Korg two-pack: I’m not quite sure why Hasbro went with two Thor: Ragnarok two-packs instead of just going with another assortment with something like a Surtur BAF, but that was their decision. The other two-pack (Hela/Skurge) is still out there, but I’ve only picked up this one so far due to my long-standing (back to Planet Hulk) love of Korg. The Korg figure here is terrific from top to bottom; it has a great facial expression and loads of texture. His blaster-club is really accurate. It’s just a (wait, don’t say it) rock-solid design. As for the Grandmaster, he is appropriately Goldblum. I’m consistently impressed that Hasbro has gotten better and better with likenesses over time in their cinematic lines. The color palette of the figure is well-considered, and the melter-stick is another fine accessory. It’s another good set. Also, buying the two 2-packs at the same time gave me an opportunity for a “Piss off, Ghost!” photo.

There we go, gang. Some of the latest Legends. What are you getting? How are your exclusive hunts going? Let’s talk about it.