Review: Superman: Year One #3

Superman: Year One #3

Superman: Year One #3 wraps up the DC Black Label series with story and art by Frank Miller and John Romita, Jr. It’s a “year one” story that doesn’t really feel like “year one” at all and takes place over numerous years of Superman’s life. So, the title is the first perplexing thing about the series as well as the issue.

Superman: Year One #3 feels disjointed too. It just moves on from Clark living in Atlantis, never to really dive into that storyline again. There’s military just attacking him. Luthor just reaching out to him. Apparently a love interest in Wonder Woman. It’s all over the place with leaps in facts.

Again, it’s also not “year one.”

The comic feels a bit rushed wanting to hit certain beats like Superman questioning his battle and humanity and his meeting Batman and Wonder Woman. Whether that connects in a flowing narrative is another thing.

The art by Romita, Jr. and Miller have their styles and flair and some works and some doesn’t. In some scenes Superman’s cape is stiff as a board and positioning makes little sense. In other scenes it flows majestically and looks great. It’s just all over the place in details and comes off at times as stiff.

Superman: Year One started with promise but has slid downhill from there. While the finale isn’t quite the cringe-worthy wtf release that was the second issue, it’s also choppy enough to make you wonder if you’re missing pages. One step forward, two leaps back.

Story: Frank Miller, John Romita, Jr. Art: Frank Miller, John Romita, Jr.
Ink: Danny Miki Color: Alex Sinclair Letterer: John Workman
Story: 6.0 Art: 7.0 Overall: 6.0 Recommendation: Pass