Midnight Massacre: Visit the Greatest Horror-Themed Amusement Park this Halloween

Enjoy this Halloween with Action Lab: Danger Zone‘s digital first premiere of John and Ben Matsuya‘s Midnight Massacre! Halloween is here and so is Calico Adventure Park’s annual Halloween extravaganza “Midnight Massacre!” But when the corporate executives `conjure real monsters, all hell breaks loose… literally. It’s up to a jaded teenage employee to save the park and the world! Midnight Massacre is a rollicking horror comedy guaranteed to scare you out of your quarter life crisis.   

So, join jaded games employee and part-time rebel Amy Nicholson as she tries to save everyone from the nightmare that is the “Midnight Massacre” Halloween event at Calico Adventure Park. Midnight Massacre is written by the Matsuya’s with pencils and color by Ben Matsuya with a color assist by Aaron Daly and Erin Fekete and fonts by Blambots. The first and fourth issue covers are by Ben Matsuya, the second issue cover by Jasen Smith, and the third issue cover by Megan Huang. The comic is edited by Shawn Gabborin and Nicole D’Andria.

The complete story of Midnight Massacre will be on comiXology this month! Issues #1-2 release on 10/16 and issues #3-4 release on 10/30. And watch out next year for the physical trade collection!

Midnight Massacre