Review: Batman/Superman #2

Batman/Superman #2

Batman and Superman are locked in battle with Shazam in a solid second issue. Batman/Superman #2 has the pacing down as these two heroes realize they’re up against a hell of a threat. I’ll fully admit corrupted heroes as a concept is a bit of a yawn. Writer Joshua Williamson puts me in my place though with this and the previous issue.

To some extent, Batman/Superman #2 feels like certain beats are attempted to be hit. Williamson delivers the moments we’d expect if Superman and Batman were to fight Shazam. Even though they’re expected, they’re still entertaining. And that’s part of Williamson’s strength. The comic is fun like a wild ride you immediately want more of. You can see the twists and hills but it’s still enjoyable.

Still, while mostly predictable, Williamson delivers mystery as someone lies outside in the shadows directing the corrupted heroes. It’s a tease that is still a lot of fun even with so much of the story spoiled through solicits.

The art by David Marquez is amazing. Along with color from Alejandro Sanchez and lettering by John J. Hill, the visuals nail the tone. The small details on the corrupted Shazam are fantastic and use of lightning top notch. The comic pops visually. The lettering by Hill emphasizes the corruption. There are just amazing pages that had me lingering for quite some time. The art captures the excitement and energy of it all.

Batman/Superman #2 is a fantastic second issue. The cynicism for the concept has gone away. It’s a ride I’m completely strapped in for. It hits the key beats perfectly delivering on expectations but doing so effortlessly and with a hell of a lot of fun.

Story: Joshua Williamson Art: David Marquez
Color: Alejandro Sanchez Letterer: John J. Hill
Story: 8.5 Art: 8.5 Overall: 8.5 Recommendation: Buy

DC Comics provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review