Celebrate 25 Days of Joe Christmas with Grant Morrison and Dan Mora’s Klaus

BOOM! Studios has announced Klaus and the Life & Times of Joe Christmas #1, a special oversized issue of the Eisner Award-nominated reimagining of the Santa Claus mythology that is entirely wordless, from visionary writer Grant Morrison and superstar artist Dan Mora, debuting December 18, 2019. 

Nothing’s calm but all is bright in this once-in-a-lifetime special Klaus event — a completely silent issue! Meet Joe Christmas, a regular human man who’s known Klaus all his life, and fought beside him for most of it. Each of the 25 two-page vertical spreads will feature a new Christmas adventure with stunning illustrations by Dan Mora depicting a day in the incredible life of Joe Christmas, a very special young boy who grows up to become one of Klaus’ staunchest allies and closest friends.

Klaus and the Life & Times of Joe Christmas #1 continues the annual holiday tradition of new Klaus comic book releases, dating back to the franchise launch. Now, get a glimpse of a never-before-seen period of Klaus’ past, complete with gigantic battles against monsters, beautiful moments of holiday spirit, and special guest appearances from old allies and new foes. 

Klaus and the Life & Times of Joe Christmas #1 features a main cover illustrated by Mora.

Klaus and the Life & Times of Joe Christmas #1