Review: Ghost-Spider #1


A lot has been done to Earth-65’s Gwen Stacy to make her more than a new spin on Spider-Man. Now a dimension-hopping hero with some unique problems, the character fully stands out from the multiverse of Spider-totems. Ghost-Spider #1 kicks off the next chapter with Gwen attempting to find a somewhat normal life.

Gwen’s secret identity has been revealed on Earth-65. That leaves her having issues balancing life there. She still wants to go to school so off to Earth-616 and Empire State University.

Writer Seanan McGuire kicks off the latest series featuring the character in an issue that’s all set up. This is Gwen explaining the situation to her friends. Her dad heading back to work. Her filling out forms and being accepted to ESU. It’s rather mundane which makes the one action sequence stand out as a bit odd. There’s nothing wrong with a comic setting things up at all and the issue does that quite well. It’s also a comic that’s not all that exciting but it is a lot of fun. The concepts and direction are interesting. Gwen’s excitement is infectious. The comic works and works really well. It just doesn’t feel like a superhero comic if that’s what you’re expecting. McGuire instead delivers a comic that’s more slice of life… with some spandex.

The art by Takeshi Miyazawa is solid. There have been lots of styles when it comes to this characters’ series and this one seems to blend a few of them together. There’s a slight grittiness to it adding a little rock and roll feel to it and setting it apart from the cleaner art of other series set in Earth 616. The colors by Ian Herring have a bit of a neon feel to it without being over the top. The comic is also very dialogue heavy with a lot of banter between Ghost-Spider/Gwen and Spider-Man/Peter. Letterer Clayton Cowles fits it all in without overwhelming the art and keeping the flow of a “Spider-Man” comic.

There’s something that’s a lot of fun about Ghost-Spider #1. If you expect lots of action of a superhero comic, you’ll be disappointed. Instead, the comic delivers something a bit different. It’s a nice focus on a superhero trying to have a life with more drama than fighting. The first issue might not have tons of excitement but it has a hell of a hook. Ghost-Spider #1 is a comic to keep your eye on.

Story: Seanan McGuire Art: Takeshi Miyazawa
Color: Ian Herring Letterer: Clayton Cowles
Story: 7.8 Art: 7.8 Overall: 7.8 Recommendation: Read

Marvel provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review