The Kitchen Continues to Circle the Drain as 2018 Wraps Up

The Kitchen

Comic film adaptations are big dollars and we track how they do each week to see trends and what’s working and what’s not. With 2018’s films wrapped up, we turn our focus squarely on 2019. We’ll have a deep dive into 2018 later today. But, on to 2019!

The Kitchen, based on the Vertigo comic miniseries, continues to struggle at the box office. Coming in at #13 this past weekend, the film dropped 60.1% in its second weekend earning an estimated $2.2 million to bring its domestic total to $10.4 million. It barely doubled its domestic total over the week. The movie has also earned around $252,000 at the international box office. With a $38 million budget, the movie will have to fight to earn its production value back. It’s currently the worst performing comic film of 2019 in all measurements.

This past weekend, Spider-Man: Far From Home came in at #12 earning an estimated $2.8 million to bring its domestic total to $376.6 million. The film also earned $203,000 internationally over the week where its total stands at $726.2 million. Worldwide it has earned $1.103 billion. While the film is the highest-grossing Spider-Man film worldwide, it’s still only second domestically. The original 2002 Spider-Man holds the top title with $403.7 million.

Avengers: Endgame is still bringing in money after 17 weeks. Coming in at #25 it added $98,000 to its domestic total. The film stands at $858.1 million domestically. Over the week, the film earned $480,000 internationally. It has earned $1.938 internationally for a worldwide total of $2.796 billion.

Dark Phoenix wasn’t on the weekend chart but brought in $19,000 over the week domestically. The film has earned $65.8 million domestically and $185.6 million internationally for a worldwide total of $252.4 million.

Here’s where 2019’s comic films stand as far as the actual numbers.

Total Domestic Gross: $2.017 billion
Total International Gross: $4.198 billion
Worldwide Gross: $6.214 billion
Total Reported Budgets: $1.234 billion
Total “Profit”: $4.981 billion

Average Domestic Gross: $224.1 million
Average International Gross: $466.4 million
Average: Worldwide Gross: $690.5 million
Average Budget: $137.1 million
Average Profit: $553.4 million

Below is where the films released stand when it comes to being compared to this year’s averages. The bold numbers are above average while those below average are not.

FilmStudioDomestic Gross
Avengers: EndgameBV$858,139,646
Captain MarvelBV$426,829,839
Spider-Man: Far From HomeSony$376,629,545
Alita: Battle AngelFox$85,710,210
Dark PhoenixFox$65,845,974
Dragon Ball Super: BrolyFUNamation Films$30,712,119
The KitchenWB$10,372,285
FilmStudioInternational Gross
Avengers: EndgameBV$1,937,556,293
Spider-Man: Far From HomeSony$726,203,622
Captain MarvelBV$701,444,955
Alita: Battle AngelFox$319,142,333
Dark PhoenixFox$186,597,000
Dragon Ball Super: BrolyFUNamation Films$83,390,702
The KitchenWB$252,918
FilmStudioWorldwide Gross
Avengers: EndgameBV$2,795,695,939
Captain MarvelBV$1,128,274,794
Spider-Man: Far From HomeSony$1,102,833,167
Alita: Battle AngelFox$404,852,543
Dark PhoenixFox$252,442,974
Dragon Ball Super: BrolyFUNamation Films$114,102,821
The KitchenWB$10,625,203
Avengers: EndgameBV$2,439,695,939
Captain MarvelBV$976,274,794
Spider-Man: Far From HomeSony$942,833,167
Alita: Battle AngelFox$234,852,543
Dragon Ball Super: BrolyFUNamation Films$105,602,821
Dark PhoenixFox$52,442,974
The KitchenWB-$26,374,797
Dragon Ball Super: BrolyFUNamation Films13.42
Avengers: EndgameBV7.85
Spider-Man: Far From HomeSony6.89
Captain MarvelBV4.61
Alita: Battle AngelFox2.38
Dark PhoenixFox1.26
The KitchenWB0.29