Dark Phoenix Has the Second Biggest Drop Ever

Comic film adaptations are big dollars and we track how they do each week to see trends and what’s working and what’s not.

2018 is a record setting year for comic film adaptations. It has topped 2017’s record year and then some. Currently, comic adaptations have earned $2.697 billion domestically, $4.562 billion internationally, $7.259 billion worldwide, with a “profit” of $6.047 billion. That’s off of 10 films. 2017, with 16 films, saw domestic earnings of $2.365 billion, international earnings of $3.755 billion, worldwide earnings of $6.120 billion, and “profits” of $4.442 billion.

While 2018’s films are winding down as far as earnings, they’re still not done!

Dark Phoenix dropped hard to fourth place at the weekend box office tumbling 72.6% and earning an estimated $9 million. That’s the second largest weekend drop for a film playing in over 3,500 theaters in the second weekend. The film has now earned $51.8 million domestically. The film added $24.2 million internationally bringing that total to $152.5 million. Worldwide, the film has earned $204.3 million. With a $200 million budget, the film has just barely passed it in grosses after two weeks.

There is a chance that audiences are ignoring the film partially due to the mixed reviews but also with the impending reboot now that Disney has bought Fox and absorbed the X-Men franchise. No matter how you look at it, the Fox X-franchise is going out on a low note.

Avengers: Endgame came in at #11 earning an estimated $3.5 million domestically to bring that number to $830.5 million.

Captain Marvel fell off the weekend box office results but still is bringing int he dollars. The film earned about $100,000 domestically over the past week and about $17,000 internationally over the same time frame. The film has now earned $426.5 million domestically and $701.4 million internationally for a worldwide total of $1.128 billion.

Shazam! didn’t chart for the weekend box office but earned about $270,000 over the week domestically. The film has earned $139.6 million domestically, $223.4 million internationally, and $363.0 million worldwide. It’s about $7.5 million behind Captain America: The First Avenger and most likely won’t pass it.

With a budget of just $100 million, the film has an average gross to the budget for a DC Cinematic film and will likely remain in the middle of the pack for that. It remains the lowest grossing big-budget DCU film and is unlikely to change that. Still, it’s hard to call the film a failure with its return on its budget.

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse didn’t chart this past week but it’s still earning dollars. The international earnings increased to about $8,000. With a domestic earning of $190.2 million and international total of $185.3 million, the worldwide total is $375.5 million. It’s the last release of 2018 that’s still earning money. Once it’s done, we’ll be doing our dive into the year as a whole.

Here’s where this year’s comic films stand as far as the actual numbers.

Total Domestic Gross: $2.697 billion
Total International Gross: $4.562 billion
Worldwide Gross: $7.259 billion
Total Reported Budgets: $1.187 billion
Total “Profit”: $6.047 billion

Average Domestic Gross: $269.7 million
Average International Gross: $456.2 million
Average: Worldwide Gross: $725.9 million
Average Budget: $131.9 million
Average Profit: $671.9 million

Below is where the films released stand when it comes to being compared to this year’s averages. Those in green are above average while those below are red.