Review: Trust Fall #1

Trust Fall #1

Who doesn’t love heist movies? They usually have some “team getting together” montage which does character introduction and gives the audience a feel of what the story is about.

One of my favorite movies is The Italian Job, both the original and the remake. Both movies tell an elaborate story and have more than its share of cheeky moments.

These type of stories give their audiences an escapade in a world foreign to most. The type of gusto required to pull off some of these antics is more than the average civilian has.

Which is why when I saw the movie Jumper I was surprised they didn’t try to make it a heist movie. Hayden Christiansen’s character has the power to jump in and out of places miles and even countries apart. The opportunist would ask why didn’t he steal anything? In Christopher Sebela and Chris VisionsTrust Fall #1, we meet one crime family whose life work for thievery recently has led to some fatal consequences.

We meet Ash Parsons, the mastermind in a family whose main business is crime. We meet her in the middle of a job where she walks in nonchalantly and robs her victims right in front of them without blinking. She escapes the police and joins the family for dinner where we meet an unsavory collection of shady figures. These are the members of Ash’s family as she gathers them there to give them the good news. Her latest heist has them set for life.

Overall, Trust Fall #1 is a nice origin story to this character and the world she commands. The story by Sebela is relatable, funny, and action-packed. The art by the creative team is unique and stellar. Altogether, you’ll love this story if you like crime noir books and love it even more if you always root for the underdog.

Story: Christopher Sebela
Art: Chris Visions, Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou, Claire Roe
and Dylan Todd
Story: 10 Art: 9.6 Overall: 9.5 Recommendation: Buy