Journey with Rod Espinosa’s Adventure Finders: The Edge of Empire

Action Lab Entertainment presents Rod Espinosa‘s Adventure Finders! An fantasy adventure story told in the spirit of Lord of the Rings, Adventure Finders is driven by empowering female characters. The fantasy epic is written in the unique style of Rod Espinosa, author of The Courageous PrincessNeotopia and over 50 comics and children’s book titles!

Clari is as bubbly as Barbie, as noble as She-Ra, and as violent as any anime warrior princess you’ve ever seen! Young Clariette and her friends Jolfe the Wizard and Ariarra the Healer are tossed directly into a full-scale battle as thousands of orcs, beasts and ogres attack the gigantic convoy of the noble Lord Justinius as they prepare to take up their post guarding Clariette’s home town of Good River!

Adventure Finders: The Edge of Empire continues where the story left off after Adventure Finders: Newly Hired Adventurers, which is currently available on comiXology. However, this new arc is 100% accessible to new readers looking to join in on this epic fantasy quest. Pre-order the first issue of The Edge of Empire story arc with the Diamond item code JUN191317.

Adventure Finders: The Edge of Empire