Review: Black Cat #1

Black Cat #1

I wasn’t sure what to expect in Black Cat #1. The character is a classic one but Felicia Hardy has never starred in an ongoing series. This debut makes up for some lost time and delivers an entertaining read. Black Cat #1 feels like a heist film. It takes beats and visual nods to that genre immersing the reader into the experience. It’s hard to not read this comic and experience the pause in motion as a scrawl flashes on the screen as to where a character is from.

Writer Jed Mackay and artist Travel Foreman are synced up in the flow and beats of the comic. There’s a finesse about it all that is fitting for the character of Felicia Hardy. Much like herself, the comic has a taste for the finer things. Black Cat #1 focuses on the details that makes the adventure fun.

The series continues Hardy’s new status-quo set up in The Amazing Spider-Man. She’s on the run after having angered the New York Thieves Guild. But, you need a good heist in there too. With an entertaining gang joining her, the comic has everything you’d want from action, to humor, and some playful banter.

The art is solid. Foreman is joined by colorist Brian Reber and letterer Ferran Delgado. There are some issues where panels, and a page or two, looks a little different than the rest of the comic. But, overall, it’s visually entertaining. The art balances the sexiness of the character. It never crosses the line and instead uses it to distract just as a thief would.

But, there’s more! The comic features two back-up stories that make it feel like all the more bang for your buck.

Nao Fuji delivers a fun and entertaining wordless story about Felicia and her cats that is beyond cute. While it doesn’t quite fit the other two, it’s a solid addition and something I want to see more of.

Mackay teams up with artist Mike Dowling, colorist Reber, and Delgado on lettering for a story concerning Felicia’s past. It’s clearly tied in to the main story and an excellent way to flesh that out without distractions. It too is fun and entertaining with a classical sense of adventure.

Black Cat #1 is an excellent debut. It’ll have you wondering why it’s taken so long for this character to get her own series. It’s a fun read that’ll put a smile on your face and leave you wanting more.

Thieves Like Us
Story: Jed Mackay Art: Travel Foreman
Color: Brian Reber Letterer: Ferran Delgado

The Ongoing Adventures of Black Cat
Story: Nao Fuji Art: Nao Fuji

The Black Fox in Leaving Miami
Story: Jed Mackay Art: Mike Dowling
Color: Brian Reber Letterer: Ferran Delgado

Story: 8.45 Art: 8.4 Overall: 8.45 Recommendation: Buy

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