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Fight For Your Life in Rocko’s Modern Afterlife #3

BOOM! Studios has revealed a first look at Rocko’s Modern Afterlife #3, available in stores June 5, 2019. In this exciting next chapter from writer Anthony Burch and artist Mattia Di Meo, everyone’s favorite wallaby, Rocko, is trying to survive the zombie outbreak that’s taken over his home of O-Town!

Rocko and Filbert have finally made it to Casa del Heffer but his best friend’s been bitten by the ravenous zombies! It’s only a matter of time before Heffer becomes just another mindless, ravaging citizen of O-town unless Rocko can get him to the only place in town that might hold some answers and a potential cure: Hook Labs. Only one snafu: they don’t actually know where Hook Labs is located. Will the team be able to track down the hidden location of the secret Conglom-O labs in time to save Heffer’s brain from turning into mush?

Rocko’s Modern Afterlife #3, features a main cover by Ian McGinty and a variant cover by illustrator and artist Joey McCormick.

Rocko's Modern Afterlife #3
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