Exclusive Preview: Planet of the Nerds #2

Out this Wednesday, May 15th, is AHOY ComicsPlanet of the Nerds #2 with a main story by Paul Constant, artist Alan Robinson, colorist Felipe Sobreiro, and letterer Rob Steen.

After the thawed-out 1980s jocks start a riot at a comic convention, they learn to their horror that everyone in 2019 uses computers like a bunch of poindexters.

But, AHOY Comics is packed with entertainment and we have an exclusive preview of the back-up story “Drew Johnson – Testing Week” by writer Paul Constant, artist Randy Elliott, colorist Felipe Sobreiro, and letterer Rob Steen.

This back-up story features Dragonflyman and Stinger, the stars of the breakout AHOY Comics series The Wrong Earth which you can get in trade in comic shops and book stores now.

Check out the exclusive preview of some of what you’ll find in Planet of the Nerds #2 below.