Writer Anthony Oliveira: Stevonnie, Satan and other queer icons. Listen on Demand.

“Kids have stopped being kids in the time you’ve made them wait for queer representation… “We won’t metaphorize these things away.”–

Anthony Oliveira is a writer, film programmer, pop culture critic, and PhD living in Toronto.

He’s written comics for Dark Horse, BOOM! Studios’ Steven Universe: Fusion Frenzy, and for Marvel “My Drag Brunch with Loki” in War of the Realms: War Scrolls.

He tweets @meakoopa and hosts the podcast The Devil’s Party, as he reads through Milton’s Paradise Lost and its demonic twists and turns.


  • Steven Universe is a healing text
  • In defense of sad gay narratives
  • “Mike Pince” ??
  • The relief of canon queerness
  • Disco fries
  • “Shakespeare would be writing for Netflix”
  • The corporate politics of Shipping Wars ??

Fusion Frenzy art is by Ver