Preview: The Raid


Writers: Ollie Masters, Alex Paknadel
Artist: Budi Setiawan
FC, $16.99, On sale: May 8, 2019

The martial arts movie hit punches its way onto the page, in a critically-acclaimed, bone-crunching new story set during the second film!

Ollie Masters (The Kitchen) and Alex Paknadel (Assassin’s Creed) team up with artist Budi Setiawan (Rex Royd) to send hero cop Rama undercover into the depths of prison!

Rama wields his brutal skills to protect an incarcerated officer… and himself! But in the world outside, crime lord Bejo begins his bloody rise to power – and prison walls are no obstacle to his wrath! Plus: the dark secrets behind fan favorite villains Hammer Girl and Baseball Bat Man are revealed!