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Bad Idea Mega-Sizes their Comics with B-Side Stories

Bad Idea is delivering another good idea for their upcoming releases. The publisher isn’t releasing their comics digitally or in trades, instead, they’ll be oversized single issues packed with stories. And they’re packing those issues with brand-new, never-before-seen “B-Side” stories. These are short-form, self-contained comics. Each issue Bad Idea publishes will have an oversized, ad-free page count that will always feature a new “B-Side” tale. 

Every month, that “B-Side” will feature a standalone, done-in-one dose of high potency comics storytelling unlike anything we’ve published before — new genres, new characters, new concepts.

The first “B-Side” launches in ENIAC #1 in March, the new comic from Matt Kindt, Tomas Giorello, and Diego Rodriguez. The comic will be 48 pages in a prestige format for $3.99.

Future “B-Sides” will feature all-new contributions from creators like Karl BollersSarah BurriniMae CattKhari EvansMelissa FloresKlaus Janson, David LaphamPeter MilliganAlex PaknadelEliot RahalSean RyanRobert Venditti, and many, many more.

Here’s just a few of the Bad Idea “B-Sides” coming soon to a comic book near you:

Matt Kindt (writer) ** Tomas Giorello (art) ** Diego Rodriguez (colors) ** Lewis LaRosa (cover)

Robert Venditti (writer) ** David Lapham (art + cover) ** Jose Villarrubia (colors)

Peter Milligan (writer) ** Sarah Burrini (art + colors + cover)

Matt Kindt (writer) ** David Lapham (art + letters + cover)

Sean Ryan (writer) ** Khari Evans (art + cover) ** Andrew Dalhouse (colors)

Z2 Comics and Graham Coxon Present a New Graphic Novel and Soundtrack “Superstate”


Z2 Comics has revealed Superstate, an all-new high concept vision of the future. Devised by British musician and artist Graham Coxon (Blur) and featuring the best of 15 graphic artists, is a compendium graphic novel featuring a new original fully-illustrated score from Coxon. This unique music and comic book pairing also features cover artwork by Coxon himself and is available for preorder now, exclusively through Z2’s website.

Superstate sees Graham Coxon working with co-writers Alex Paknadel and Helen Mullane and 15 graphic artists including Christian Dibari, Marie Llovet, and Ryan Kelly, to realise this  reading and listening experience which is unlike any other. Coxon’s vision is brought to the page by an all-star co-operative of writers and artists who devised stories and visuals inspired by the original concept from Coxon. The creative process has been lead by new music written and recorded by Coxon exclusively for Superstate earlier this year. The result is visual compendium that features 15 different graphic stories, each accompanied by it’s own individual track.

For the viewer, the Superstate is everywhere, and its authority is absolute: Yoga Town is a city without hope. While they wait to leave the earth, the 1% can bend reality to their will, they live in a consequence-free world where anything goes. Meanwhile, the masses are pacified by a drugged out, government-mandated digital dreamscape while they wait to perish on this dying planet. But there is still hope. Angels roam the earth. With their help, maybe some rebellious spirits can start to make a change.

Experience 15 surreal and sometimes disturbing tales of rebellious fembots, celebrity turkey shoots, violent astral projection and an all-new take on the TV dinner. 
Superstate by Graham Coxon is available in March 2021 
Regular Softcover Edition Price: $19.99
Standard Hardcover Edition Price: $29.99
Deluxe Edition (Limited to 3,000): $99.99
Super Deluxe Edition (Limited to 500 signed by Graham): $199.99
Pre order HERE.

ComiXology Has Nine New Digital Comics including New TKO, Magnetic Press, DC Digital First, and Harlequin

There’s nine new digital comics ready for you on comiXology. You can get new releases from TKO Studios, Magnetic Press, Harlequin, and a new DC Digital First! You can get shopping now or check out the individual issues below!

Gunland Vol. 2 #7: Tribe

Written by Captain Artiglio
Art by Captain Artiglio

Bill “Death” is dead, and now the infamous Wild Bunch is on a rampage across the valley, lead by a ghost. Meanwhile, the Cherub joins The Girl with No Name’s gang, but are his intentions legit…?

Gunland Vol. 2 #7: Tribe

Lonesome Days, Savage Nights

Written by Szymon Kudranski, Steve Niles, Salvatore A. Simeone
Art by Szymon Kudranski
Colored by Szymon Kudranski
Lettered by Thomas Mauer
Edited by Sebastian Girner

When the one person he cares about is murdered, private detective Stu Manning unleashes the beast he’s kept hidden inside and paints the town red.

Lonesome Days, Savage Nights

Mistress For A Month

Written by Ann Major
Art by Eve Takigawa

Amelia happens to run into the same gorgeous Frenchman twice. It must be fate! After he asks her on a date, she’s thrilled. But then she sees an article about him in the paper—he’s Count Remy, a famous playboy! She’s doubtful a man so out of her league would ever be interested in her. And it turns out what he’s really after is Amelia’s property. But can she look past his ulterior motive and use this man to teach her how to be a lover?

Mistress For A Month

Pistouvi #4

Written by Merwan
Art by Bertrand Gatignol

Something is changing. Things arent sparkling like they used to. And suddenly the birds are making sense… The powerful conclusion to this poignant allegorical series.

Pistouvi #4

Poppy’s Passion

Written by Helen Shelton
Art by Atsumi Ryo

Poppy is a brand-new intern working in the emergency room. She’s in a huge hurry to get to work when she bumps into a man in the corridor. It’s Tom, the man she’s always admired and who is now a skilled surgeon. Poppy wants to impress him, but she keeps making mistake after mistake in front of him. Can she forget this childhood love and focus on her career?

Poppy's Passion

Pregnant By The Boss!

Written by Carol Grace
Art by Tsukiko Kurebayashi

Claudia has feelings for her boss, Joe. But it’s hard loving a man with such a philandering reputation. Just when she works up the nerve to resign, Joe drops a bombshell on her. He wants her to marry him! She knows he doesn’t love her, but what will the next two weeks hold as she trains her replacement?

Pregnant By The Boss!

The Pull

Written by Steve Orlando
Art by Ricardo López Ortiz
Colored by Triona Farrell
Lettered by Thomas Mauer
Edited by Sebastian Girner

When the unstoppable cosmic force of the Undoer threatens the existence of Earth itself, disgraced government agent Brenton Demm must shake off a lifetime’s worth of regret and save us all.

The Pull


Written by Alex Paknadel
Art by Nil Vendrell
Colored by Giulia Brusco
Lettered by Ryan Ferrier
Edited by Sebastian Girner

Ex-con Noah McGlade returns to find his hometown decayed by opioid abuse, but he soon discovers an even more sinister horror lurking in the coal mines below town.


Superman: Man of Tomorrow #19

Written by Dave Wielgosz
Pencils Jorge Corona
Inks Jorge Corona

During a heated argument, the Man of Steel and the Dark Knight are ambushed by a cadre of evil Multiversal doppelgangers. It’s Batman versus Superman in this no-holds barred brawl between good and evil!

Superman: Man of Tomorrow #19

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Review: Giga #1

Giga #1

Nobody knows why the skyscraper-sized mechs known as ‘Giga’ fought their bitter, centuries’ long war. All they know is that when the fighting finally stopped, the dormant Giga became humanity’s new habitat and new gods in one. When disgraced engineer Evan Calhoun finds an apparently murdered Giga, his society and the fascistic tech-centered religious order that controls it are rapidly thrown into chaos. Enter this new world with Giga #1.

There aren’t many writers whose work I will pick up without question, and Alex Paknadel is quickly becoming one of them. I have yet to read a comic written by him that I haven’t enjoyed, and given the quality of Paknadel’s writing, With Giga #1 Paknadel takes you to a distant future that finds humanity living inside of giant robots, docile veterans of a long war, acting almost as a symbiotic partner to the robot’s existence. This idea, that the robots need the humans like humans need bacteria, is brought up a couple of times in the comic, and it’s something that sets the series apart from a lot of the other science fiction I’ve been read of late.

The idea of humanity as a virus isn’t new, but humanity as a bacteria isn’t something I have ever seen before. It provides a fascinating backdrop as the story plays out within the dormant giant robots and a world that’s not quite post-apocalyptic anymore, but the scars of the war are still evident if you know where to look. John Lê‘s art, colored by Rosh, is beautiful.

Stylistically the art is clean and vibrant, with the details never getting lost on the page – the world is at times muddy, the interiors often caked in dirt and the detritus of years pushed to the side in a vague attempt at cleanliness, but it’s drawn so well that you never lose focus on what is happening on the page. An interesting factoid from a recent conversation with Paknadel is that one of the textures in the comic was taken by Rosh from bird shit, which makes me wonder what else is lying just beneath the surface of the art in this comic.

It is one of the many reasons to reread this book.

Giga #1 is clearly a labour of love. I have never read a comic from Paknadel that I haven’t enjoyed, and this is another prime example of why. From the very start of the comic this is a wonderful experience; Paknadel treats his audience with a level of respect and trusts us to pick out the history of the world from what we’re shown within the story itself, he doesn’t waste a page on an opening crawl (although there’s nothing wrong opening crawls, they can be over used and tell you too much about what’s about to happen). The comic continues with that level of trust and respect, both for the characters within the book who are fully formed from the moment you see them, and the audience ourselves. Whether it’s the pacing, the dialogue, the world building, the narration boxes… there’s isn’t a wasted syllable in this comic.

I also want to take a moment to point out the lettering of Aditya Bidikar; the speech bubbles are one of the things you’ll notice on the second read through (or first at this point), and at first you may not understand why they grabbed your attention because there’s a subtle uniqueness to them that adds to the visual presentation of an already stunning comic.

If I’m honest, while I expected to like this book, I didn’t expect it to take me the way it has. I should be surprised, honestly, given how much I enjoy Paknadel’s other work. Giga #1 is easily the best thing I have ever read that has come from Paknadel’s keyboard; there’s something here for so many different aspects of fandom, but at the end of the day, what’s most important is whether this comic is any good – and it is. It’s one of those comics that you need to add to your pull list immediately (and thankfully a lot of you have been as the book has already gone for a second printing).

Giga has the potential to be the kind of generational story that’s talked about for decades. Don’t miss the first issue.

Story: Alex Paknadel Art: John Lê
Colorist: Rosh Letterer: Aditya Bidikar
Story: 9.2 Art: 9.1 Overall: 9.3 Recommendation: Buy

Vault Comics provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

Purchase: comiXology – Kindle – Zeus Comics

Review: Giga #1 is a Small Step into a World of Conflicting Beliefs and Giant Robots

Giga #1

Imagine a world where the Transformers (Called Giga in the story) are worshiped like gods and have a fanatical religion dedicated to them called the Order of the Red Relay. Also, humans live in their bodies. This is the world of Giga from writer Alex Paknadel, artist John Lê, colorist Rosh, and letterer extraordinaire Aditya Bidikar whose use of single lines connected to word balloons adds to the dystopian vibes of the book. The first issue introduces readers to the protagonist, Evan, a disabled Black man, who uses a wheelchair and has left the Order to follow his own path. There’s lots of dead human and Giga bodies, but Paknadel and Lê take the slow burn route and show what life is like in this post-apocalyptic, mecha-filled world before setting up a bigger conflict or mystery.

Alex Paknadel and Lê show the tension between devotees of the Giga, the Luddite Duster gang, and then folks like Evan and his robot buddy Laurel, who are caught in between these various parties. But there aren’t epic battles or big “gotcha” moments beyond an incident in Evan’s past that is responsible for him leaving the Order, or him and his friend Mayra finding a bunch of dead bodies in a heavily damaged Giga that is similar to that incident. Paknadel and Lê seem more concerned in showing what day-to-day life is like for Evan and his complex web of relationships that include the aforementioned Mayra and Laurel (Who is adorable is hell and an action figure or plush waiting to happen) as well as Mason, his buddy from the Order, who wants him to return. Their conversation is relatable for anyone who was raised in any kind of fundamentalist-adjacent religion, still interact with friends and family from that background, and maybe even still feel a little guilty for leaving to forge their own path.

Giga #1

Lê and colorist Rosh’s art do an excellent job showing the size and scale of the Giga and the humans that either hate, worship, or simply tolerate them. For example, the opening scene with explosions, bodies flying everywhere, and intense reds from Rosh cuts to a wide, double page splash of just a little smoking in the the head area of Giga, which is surrounded by other Gigas. It’s like they had an ear infection or accidentally burned a burger on the grill. It’s a slight convenience for them compared to the utter trauma on Evan’s face. The sequence of pages also drive the home the elegant, yet scatological metaphor that he mentioned to his teacher about humans basically being the cleaning/regulating microbes of the Giga. They’re not friends or beloved followers; they’re the plumbing system or the little remora fish that eat parasites off sharks.

John Le’s art truly drives home the point that Giga #1 is set in a post-apocalyptic world with all kinds of small touches like annoying rain puddles, cluttered living arrangement, and fluids dripping from the ceiling. (That might serve a larger plot point down the road when Mason wipes one off his Order outfit.) This is a world where you’re on your own unless you comply to the Order or anti-tech Dusters, who get a short scene that shows that being anti-technology might be a bad idea when it comes to healthcare. They come across as a metaphor for anti-vaxxers, but more post-apocalyptic chic. Even if they don’t directly connect to Evan’s story yet, it’s cool to see the world of Giga from a variety of perspectives.

Giga #1 has some interesting world-building and ideas and is a solid mash-up of mecha and post-apocalyptic fiction with a color palette that is both bleak and intense courtesy of Rosh. There are a couple of explosions and some big damn (and one little) robots, but Alex Paknadel and John Lê structure their story around Evan’s relationships with the world around him instead of going the blockbuster action route and use these relationships to ask big picture questions about the connection between humans with different beliefs and humans and technology. Giga is sure to be another SF jewel in the Vault crown.

Story: Alex Paknadel Art: John Lê
Colors: Rosh Letters: Aditya Bidikar

Story: 7.5 Art: 8.5 Overall: 8.0 Recommendation: Buy

Vault provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

Purchase: comiXologyKindleZeus Comics

Giga #1 Sells Out Before Release and Heads Back to Press

Vault has announced that Giga #1 is going back to press for a second printing after selling out of a generous overprint at the distributor. The second print cover features a new “Starry Night” version of the now-iconic original cover by Giga artist and co-creator, John Lê. It will hit store shelves on December 2nd, the same release date as issue #2.

The Giga #1 second print will be available in two different versions. The first version (SEP208040) will be a standard comic cover with a $3.99 SRP. The second version (SEP208041) will be a special foil cover on deluxe heavy-weight card stock, with a $9.99 SRP.

Nobody knows why the skyscraper-sized mechs known as ‘Giga’ fought their bitter, centuries’ long war. All they know is that when the fighting finally stopped, the dormant Giga became humanity’s new habitat and new gods in one. When disgraced engineer Evan Calhoun finds an apparently murdered Giga, his society and the fascistic tech-centered religious order that controls it are rapidly thrown into chaos.

From writer Alex Paknadel (Friendo, Empyre: Celestial Messiah) and rising star John Lê comes another Vault & White Noise partnership about what happens after the mechs stop fighting.

GIGA is co-created by writer Alex Paknadel, and artist John Lê, with colors by Rosh, letters by Aditya Bidikar, and designs by Tim Daniel. The sold out first printing of issue #1 goes on sale October 28th, 2020.

Giga #1 2nd printing

Those Two Geeks Episode Eighty Six: Alex Paknadel on his new book Giga, Basketball, Bird Shit and some of our favorite comics.

Alex and Joe are joined by Alex Paknadel, author of the fantastic new book Giga published by Vault Comics, to talk about the comic, including one of the most interesting statements regarding bird shit and comics that you’re ever likely to hear. Eventually, the topic moves on to Daredevil, Mister Miracle, and other brilliant comics you should read.

So sit back, and enjoy almost two hours of fantastic discussion with one of the most interesting writers in comics.

Giga #1 will be released October 28th. We’ve both ordered a copy from our comic shops already.

If you want more from Alex Paknadel, he’s on Twitter as @AlexPaknadel.

As always, Alex and Joe can be found on twitter respectively @karcossa and @jcb_smark if you feel the need to tell them they’re wrong individually, or @those2geeks if you want to yell at them together on twitter, or by email at ItsThose2Geeks@gmail.com.

Giga #1 Gets Two David Mack Covers

Vault Comics has announced two new gorgeous David Mack incentive covers for Giga #1. Mack’s cover art will come in two different versions. A regular cover will be available as a 1:15 variant, while a deluxe foil edition printed on thick card stock will be available as a 1:30 variant.

Giga is co-created by writer Alex Paknadel and rising star artist John Lê, with colors by Rosh, letters by Aditya Bidikar, and design by Tim Daniel.

Nobody knows why the skyscraper-sized mechs known as ‘Giga’ fought their bitter, centuries’ long war. All they know is that when the fighting finally stopped, the dormant Giga became humanity’s new habitat and new gods in one. When disgraced engineer Evan Calhoun finds an apparently murdered Giga, his society and the fascistic tech-centered religious order that controls it are rapidly thrown into chaos.

Giga #1 hits store shelves on October 28th.

  • Cover A (Lê): AUG201706
  • Cover B (Gooden & Daniel): AUG201707
  • Cover C (Gorham): AUG201708
  • Cover D (Mack): AUG208832
  • Cover E Foil (Mack): AUG208833

Preview: Lords of Empyre: Swordsman #1

Lords of Empyre: Swordsman #1

(W) Alex Paknadel (A) Thomas Nachlik (CA) Rod Reis
Rated T+
In Shops: Aug 19, 2020
SRP: $4.99

The swordsman has been resurrected! But there are more secrets than what lies beyond the grave… Join Swordsman and his son, Quoi, as they embark on a journey of discovery here on Earth – one they can’t walk back from!

Lords of Empyre: Swordsman #1

Preview: Lords of Empyre: Celestial Messiah #1

Lords of Empyre: Celestial Messiah #1

(W) Alex Paknadel (A) Alex Lins (CA) Rod Reis
Rated T+
In Shops: Aug 05, 2020
SRP: $4.99

The eve of Quoi’s ascension is at hand! But when the trials are interrupted by an unexpected interloper-Mantis-who will win this battle of wills?

Don’t miss out as mother and son go head-to-head, revealing secrets that will shape the course of the galaxy!

Lords of Empyre: Celestial Messiah #1
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