Review: Transformers #4

Transformers #4

Prowl and Chromia are investigating the disappearance of a missing scientist in the wilds of Cybertron when a mysterious figure crosses their path. Who is he and what does he know about the disappeared scientist? And where is Bumblebee disappearing to at all odd hours?

Brainstorm is dead and the search for his killer continues. There’s also political unrest brewing. All of that is set upon the background of a forging and Brainstorm’s funeral.

Transformers #4 can be summed up with one word… dull. It slows the story down even more so taking its police procedural genre and turning it more into drama. This wouldn’t be bad if there was some emotion and excitement about it at all. Writer Brian Ruckley has taken all that has made the previous volume so interesting and sucked it out in four issues. The glimpses of a solid story before the Transformers Civil War are teased and then put to aside focusing on mentorship and a murder mystery. Its result is just a slow plodding story that you want to get to the point.

The art by Sara Pitre-Durocher, Angel Hernandez, and Andrew Griffith is as solid as always and though there’s differences in their styles none of it stands out enough to create a bump in the reading experience. Still, having one artist consistently on an issue would help the series overall.

From what was an amazing run to this, this new volume is a drag of a story facing pacing issues. The series plays out more as a drama and police procedural than anything else delivering a drab experience that’s a struggle to enjoy beyond playing spot the bot. A “Bold New Era” is exactly what it’s not.

Story: Brian Ruckley
Art: Sara Pitre-Durocher, Angel Hernandez, Andrew Griffith
Color: Joana Lafuente, Josh Burcham
Story: 6.0 Art: 7.5 Overall: 6.0 Recommendation: Pass

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