Batman and Superman are Together Again in Batman/Superman Leading to a New “Secret Six”

David Marquez and Joshua Williamson are teaming up to bring Batman and Superman together in the newest volume of Batman/Superman from DC Comics. This is Marquez’s DC debut where he is now exclusive.

The Batman Who Laughs is still terrorizing the DC Universe (his own miniseries is being extended to seven issues from six to lead into this new series) and will be the threat at the center of it all.

Since his debut in Dark Nights: Metal, The Batman Who Laughs has been working on a massive plan that involves sleeper agent heroes he’s infected and slowly turned into evil versions of themselves. Six is key, as in “Secret Six,” the classic team and comic series. Who are they? We’ll find out in the series!

This new series is important as it’ll impact the DC superhero continuity and community over the next year of storytelling.

Find out more about the new Batman/Superman series by Williamson and Marquez in DC’s Year of the Villain #1, on shelves this Wednesday, May 1, 2019. Batman/Superman debuts August 14, 2019.


(via The Hollywood Reporter)