Review: Hellchild: Blood Money #1

Hellchild: Blood Money #1

For anyone who watches Richard Madden’s work, you know he’s one up and coming actor. Most people got introduced to him through Game Of Thrones where he played the heroically tragic Robb Stark, a flawed leader whose bad decisions caught up with him ultimately. Lucky for him, his fate did not go the way of most television actors, in fact, he’s done a few films and starred in a few more shows each one possessing a stellar story. One of his first ones was Medici where he played the oft mentioned bankers for the Vatican, in a rather captivating tale.

Another story that put him front and center was The Bodyguard. In the story he played David Budd, a British Secret Service agent charged with guarding the UK Home Secretary. He protected someone who everyone disliked and had people looking to kill them at every turn. In the debut issue of Hellchild: Blood Money our protagonist while working as a hired gun gets pulled into a wasp nest of pandemonium.

We are taken to the Hollywood Hills in California where Jake, the son of a powerful politician has made a life changing mistake, one that could end life as he knows it. His father’s head of security decides to hire Jessica Blackstone, aka Hellchild, a bodyguard with some otherworldly talents. Meanwhile, the two girls Jake killed worked for a powerful gangster, somebody who wants to be paid for what considered his property.

Overall, an action-packed debut issue that plays into the bigger Grimm Fairytales Universe while setting itself apart at the same time. The story by Ralph Tedesco, Joe Brusha, and Dave Franchini is fun, gory and pulse pounding. The art by Butch Mapa, Taylor Esposito, and Dijjo is magnificent. Altogether, an exceptional debut that deftly blends crime thrillers and genre shows.

Story: Ralph Tedesco, Joe Brusha and Dave Franchini
Art: Butch Mapa, Taylor Esposito and Dijjo
Story: 9.0 Art: 9.0 Overall: 9.0 Recommendation: Buy

Zenescope provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review