Doom Patrol Episodes 1 & 2: To Doom Patrol or Not to Doom Patrol?

DC‘s new high concept streaming TV series is based on the cult classic comics. The show is exclusively available on DC’s streaming platform DC Universe. Is the show good? Is it worth subscribing to the platform? We discuss the service and the show’s first two episodes in depth (first part is spoiler-free). We also geek out on the brilliant comics that inspired it all and when or how to read them.

  • Mental illness and unrully bodies
  • Doom Patrol: X-Men or Fantastic Four?
  • Negative Man is Green Lantern as horror
  • Worthy usage of a David Bowie song
  • “Dad feels are the new romance”
  • Is Doom Patrol capable of handing it’s queer characters? 
  • Reading the comics while watching the show?

My guests are:

Comic’s retailer and pop culture critic John Arminio@QuasarSniffer on Twitter.

Mark Argent: Resident Doom Patrol-ologist. Who back in High School served as the Virgil to my Dante in the hell of comics fandom. Perhaps this show is their fault. But @mark_argent can’t take it back now.