Webcomic Ordinary Princess is Printed for the First Time this Summer 2019

In an extraordinary land full of extraordinary people, what does it really mean to be ordinary? That’s what we discover in Extraordinary: The Story of an Ordinary Princess, inspired by M. M. Kaye‘s beloved novel! Journey with Princess Basil, a princess whose gift is simply to be ordinary. Portland comics artist and writer Cassie Anderson takes her webcomic out of the digital world for the first time in this tale of magical adventure, full of soul and humor for readers of all ages.

In her quest to be more than just ordinary, Basil tracks down the fairy godmother who “blessed” her, and learns the answer to her ordinariness might more challenging than it appears. Follow along on her expedition as she escapes unusual kidnappings, gnomes, snarky foxes, and a badger or two, and along the way learns just what it takes to be extraordinary. 

The exquisite Extraordinary: The Story of an Ordinary Princess comes to your local comic shop July 24, 2019.

Extraordinary: The Story of an Ordinary Princess