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Review: Dead Man Logan #4

Dead Man Logan #4

Dead Man Logan is one of the more oddly exciting comics in Marvel’s roster right now. Especially for fans of the original Mark Millar and Steve McNiven story Old Man Logan that was first printed in Wolverine vol. 3 #66-72. It’s a story that is widely held as being a Wolverine Must Read, and so it was perhaps inevitable the character would return in some way. But after nearly 60 issues, and with Young Man Logan returning (in the aptly titled Return Of Wolverine) Old Man Logan is (probably) going to die (for a few years, at least).

With Dead Man Logan again focusing on Logan’s desire to make sure that what happened in his past wouldn’t occur again, we’ve already seen Old Man Logan almost single-handedly go through the Avengers (albeit under the illusion the Avenger’s were villains… which should remind you of something). In a fun and interesting play on the mirroring of the original tale, we’ve also seen Mysterio seem to flip sides; Ed Brisson is adding more layers to this series with every issue – not only does this comic carry a legitimate weight and gravitas to the story, but it’s also an incredibly fun read. There is a great balance between the somberness of Logan’s condition being explained and Hawkeye making coffee (it sounds simple, but just wait till you read that).

Mike Henderson and Nolan Woodard are a solid artistic combination, and their style is one that I’ve absolutely fallen in love with. The characters feel unique, their emotions are clearly (and often hilariously) displayed on their faces, which leads to some brilliant visual moments.

Dead Man Logan #4 is a great read, and while the series has an epic feel to its scope and potential, there are a lot of great nods and touches that leave the comic a very accessible feeling. It’s odd, really, that the two sides of the story blend so well, but I’m not going to complain. This is a solid comic, and one well worth picking up (it’s also one of the best Wolverine series I’ve read in a long time). I can’t wait to read the next issue.

Story: Ed Brisson Artist: Mike Henderson 
Color Artist: Nolan Woodard Letterer: VC’s Cory Petit
 Story: 8.9 Art: 9.5 Overall: 9.2 Recommendation: Buy

Marvel provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review