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Review: Bloodshot Rising Spirit #3

Bloodshot Rising Spirit #3

At last, the ruthless minds of Project Rising Spirit believe they’ve found a way to secure the Bloodshot asset…or have they? In this world of fabricated memories, there’s no way to tell who can be trusted…and who even exists at all!

Aside from unfavourable comparisons to Jeff Lemire’s run, and the Bloodshot series before that, which I have mentioned in every review of this series thus far (and am probably beating the dead horse at this point), there really wasn’t anything in this comic that garnered any sort of emotional response from me. It was honestly just a boring issue.

Personal feelings on the prologue nature of the comic aside (because even though I know how this ends up, new readers may not – and this isn’t a series designed only for those with extensive familiarity with Bloodshot), this just wasn’t a very engaging story. Bloodshot deals with another flashback, then gets thrown into a mission. There’s a few character building moments with the supporting cast in between these moments, but they feel both forced and flat. There’s about as much character here as an old Jean Claude Van Dam film; whether we’re supposed to care about these characters or not, I don’t know, but the page is open next to me and I can’t remember their names (and have no desire to go look them up).

Artistically, the books seems… less than polished. Whether it’s the artistic team not working in a cohesive state (which isn’t unexpected given the number of folks involved), or that the art team are trying to over compensate for the characterless script, the end result is that we get pages that are serviceable. Nothing special, but serviceable, which is a touch disappointing given the talent within the creative team.

Bloodshot Rising Spirit #3 gives us yet another variation of Bloodshot’s origin and his memory implants which does lead to a somewhat amusing Man-Out-Of-Time scenario, but that’s not nearly enough to elevate the comic into being a must buy. At the end of the day, there’s just not enough here to earn my recommendation, which has been consistent for the last two issues. There’s a reason that this series has fallen off my pull list.

Story: Kevin Grevious
Breakdowns: Ken Lashley Finishes: Oliver Borges and Ryan Winn
Colourist: Andrew Dalhouse Letterer: Simon Bowland
Story: 5.5 Art: 7.0 Overall: 6.4 Recommendation: Pass

Valiant provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review.

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