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Aberrant Season 2 Kicks Off in February

Rylend Grant has been busy. Not only has he been cranking out new movie screenplays, but he’s also put together a five-issue sequel to Aberrant. The comic is being developed for television by executive producer Tom Krantz.

Written by Grant the first issue of season two features art by Davi Leon Dias, color by Iwan Joko Triyono, and lettering by HdE. The covers are provided by Dias and Triyono.

Season 1 followed David Colbrenner, a U.S. Army Special Operations Commander whom, after losing his entire unit in a superhuman attack, waged a brutal one-man war on the eccentric billionaire and former superhero – Lance Cordrey – he believed to be responsible.

Season 2 starts with the realization that Cordrey was a patsy, and David’s men were actually killed as part of a vast government/military conspiracy. The nasty second season twist? If David is going to peel back the layers of said conspiracy, he’s going need Cordrey’s help.

Well-known for quirky variants – Season 1 covers included a hilarious parody of a classic Billy Dee Williams Colt 45 advertisement and not one, but two ALF-inspired fits – Grant promised not to disappoint with his season 2 covers. Season 2 brings a Top Gun/Playing with the Boys volleyball variant, a Karate Kid Part II:Live or Die? variant, and a Point Break meatball sandwich variant.

Preorder Aberrant – Season 2 #1 with the Diamond item code DEC181412. Preorder the special “Urinal” variant edition with Diamond item code DEC181413. Look for both in comic book stores February 2019 and PUT ABERRANT ON YOUR PULL LIST!

Aberrant – Season 2 #1