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Return to Collier County with a Deluxe 20th Anniversary Edition of The Horror of Collier County

Fire up your weed whacker and prepare for the fight of your life as Dark Horse invites you to return to Collier County for a deluxe twentieth anniversary edition of the cult-classic comic series from Rich Tommaso

The Horror of Collier County (20th Anniversary Edition) HC collects issues #1-#5 of the series and features new cover art, fully colored and collected in a deluxe hardcover format for the first time with two bonus stories: “Don’t Look Back!” and “King Blood.”

When a young single mother moves to Florida to escape the stresses of city life, she finds the sunshine state filled with unspeakable horrors including alligators, bugs the size of small cars, and zombies. Armed with her trusty weed-whacker, this punk rock momma is ready to take down every monster in the state to protect herself and her kid. But is Florida really haunted by the undead or is it just in her head? 

The Horror of Collier County (20th Anniversary Edition) HC goes on sale May 1, 2019. Featuring 192-pages in full-color, the deluxe hardcover retails for $25.99.

The Horror of Collier County
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