A First Look at Waves from Ingrid Chabbert, Carole Maurel, and BOOM!

BOOM! Studios has unveiled a first look at Waves, a new hardcover original graphic novel on-sale in May 2019 that poignantly captures a woman’s exploration of pain and loss. Waves is a deeply moving story based on author Ingrid Chabbert’s own experiences trying to conceive, with art by Carole Maurel.

After years of difficulty trying to have children, a young woman and her wife finally announce their pregnancy, only to have the most joyous period of their lives become one of unexpected heartbreak. While drowning in an ocean of sorrow following their loss, the young couple begin a journey of renewal and hope as they learn to live and love again.

Making her graphic novel debut with Waves, Ingrid Chabbert is the author of nearly sixty children’s books and continues to excite audiences of all ages worldwide. Artist Carole Maurel first worked in animation before devoting herself to comics full-time, drawing critical acclaim for her 2018 graphic novel Luisa: Now and Then.

Waves will be available for sale on May 1, 2019 at local comic book shops and May 07, 2019 at bookstores.