Double Jumpers are Full Circle Jerks this December

Double Jumpers: Full Circle Jerks follows up with Jason and his band of video game programmers, who swapped bodies with their in-game counterparts, the Dungeon Lords. At the end of the last volume, they unleashed the Dungeon Lord’s greatest villain, Pilfer the Goblin, into our world! Now, the gamers must team up with the Dungeon Lords to send Pilfer back to where he came from and defend our world from the end times!

Written by Dave Dwonch, with art by Sergio Rios, and color by Megan Huang with Geraldo Filho, the action is intense, but the fun just takes this story to another level.” It’s the perfect comic book for video game fans who want a good laugh at the antics of our heroes, while also enjoying a high stakes fantasy adventure set in two worlds: the fantastical video game world of the Dungeon Lords and our own world.

You can pre-order the 128 page book with the Diamond item code OCT181313. It will be in a comic book store near you on December 12th, 2018.