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Preview: Vampirella/Dejah Thoris #1

Vampirella/Dejah Thoris #1

writer: Erik Burnham
artist: Ediano Silva
covers: Jay Anacleto (A), Carlo Pagulayan (B), Stephen Segovia (C), Joe Jusko (D), Vampirella Cosplay Cover (E), Dejah Thoris Cosplay Cover (F)
Vampirella Seduction Cover (RI), Dejah Thoris Seduction Cover (RI), Stephen Segovia (RI-B/W), Jay Anacleto (RI-B/W), Joe Jusko (RI-Virgin)
FC | 32 pages | $3.99 | Teen+

The encounter that was destined to happen! When an alien scout ship crashes on Mars, Dejah Thoris must risk reigniting war with the Green Martians and becoming dinner for the white apes. But the stakes are raised so much higher when the ship is revealed to carry Vampirella, who is on a desperate mission of survival—one that might end before it truly begins!

Almost American