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Review: I Am Batman #2

John Ridley continues to give us a different take on Batman as the series begins to tie itself into Fear State.

Story: John Ridley
Art: Olivier Coipel
Color: Stephen Segovia
Letterer: Troy Peteri

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Zeus Comics

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Preview: Vampiverse #2

Vampiverse #2

writer: Tom Sniegoski, Jeannine Acheson
artist: Daniel Maine
covers: Madibek Musabekov (A), Stephen Segovia (B), Maria Laura Sanapo (C), Meghan Hetrick (D), Rachel Hollon Cosplay (E), Stephen Segovia (F-RI/Line Art), Rachel Hollon Cosplay (G-RI/Line Art), Meghan Hetrick (H-RI/BW), Maria Laura Sanapo (I-RI/Line Art), Madibek Musabekov (J-RI/BW)
FC | 32 pages | Horror, Action/Adventure | $3.99 | Teen+

The mysterious and deadly Bloodwing is killing all the Vampirellas throughout the fabric of reality—but who is he, and why is he doing this? It’s up to Vampirella to learn the secrets of Bloodwing and stop him.

Thanks to the Book of Prophecy (in a very unexpected way), Vampirella embarks on her most mind-bending adventure yet, traveling the various Threads of the Fabric to rally the Vampirellas of the multiple realities to join her in stopping the extermination of her self. First stop, an apocalyptic world transformed by a Chaos Plague. Will the Vampirella of this ravaged world heed our Vampirella’s warning, or will she too fall to the savagery of Bloodwing?

Vampiverse #2

Review: I Am Batman #2

I Am Batman #2

John Ridley has been putting together an interesting story with I Am Batman. Coming from the world of film and television, it’s not surprising that Ridley’s approach has differed from other comic writers. While one can pick up each volume of his works on their own to read, it’s the overarching story that makes each stand out. I Am Batman #2 has Jace attempting to put the pieces of the puzzle together. He’s getting dragged into the current “event” “Fear State” and is convinced what he’s investigating is tied into the Magistrate and Scarecrow.

Ridley’s take on Batman is different in multiple ways. We’re seeing “year one” in many ways as Jace slowly is figuring out what he’s doing in some dangerous on the job training. This isn’t a polished Batman at all, instead delivering a bit more of a brutal ground level take on the character. There’s no issues breaking bones or a knife plunging into a bad guys’ leg. The theatrics aren’t as present and instead it’s a much more direct approach to things. The differences are there.

What’s more intriguing is what Ridley does with the character in this issue. The traditional Batman has had his jaw out in the open for individuals to see. You can see his mouth move and you know he’s likely white. Jace’s take covers that space though in this issue uses it to an advantage. In a scene I probably lingered on for far too long, Jace removes the plate to his enemy. In doing so he makes it clear that this is not the regular Batman. This is one who operates differently. I can’t also help but think that there is something to signaling that this Batman is Black. Jace uses it all to his advantage and in doing so will create a potentially interesting dynamic that I hope Ridley will explore further.

Stephen Segovia‘s art is solid. With Rex Lokus on color and lettering by Troy Peteri, the art continues to forgo the splashy spreads and two-page entrances. Here, things are kept to a partial page or a panel. Jace on a motorcycle launches in with a multi-panel page delivering a different feel of an entrance than we’re normally used to. There’s a bit more of a focus on the physicality of this Batman. Fights are close combat and up close, relying less on gadgets to stop the enemy. It all comes together for a comic with a very different feel than Batman.

I Am Batman #2 continues Jace’s journey in the cowl. He’s not a polished crime-fighter. The approach is far different and attitude as well. And it’s all perfectly caught in the writing and the art. This is a series for those that love the long game and storytelling. Where Jace is here will not be the same character a year from now. And watching John Ridley plot and guide that growth will be a potential masterclass in storytelling.

Story: John Ridley Art: Stephen Segovia
Color: Rex Lokus Letterer: Troy Peteri
Story: 8.15 Art: 8.15 Overall: 8.15 Recommendation: Buy

DC Comics provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for a review

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Preview: I Am Batman #2

I Am Batman #2

Written by: John Ridley
Art by: Stephen Segovia

Jace Fox is on the streets as Batman, fighting the misinformation and violence flooding Gotham City during Fear State. What mysterious connection exists between the Magistrate and The Next Batman: Second Son villain Arkadine? And what Gotham vigilante pays the ultimate price when a misguided young man shoots him down in cold blood?

I Am Batman #2

Preview: Vengeance of Vampirella #22

Vengeance of Vampirella #22

writer: Tom Sniegoski
artist: Michael Sta. Maria
covers: Lucio Parrillo (A), Ben Oliver (B), Stephen Segovia (C) Leona De La Chance Cosplay Variant (D), Stephen Segovia (RI-E/Virgin), Leona De La Chance Cosplay Variant (RI-F/Virgin), Ben Oliver (RI-G/BW), Ben Oliver (RI-H/Tint)
FC | 32 pages | Horror | $3.99 | Teen+

Issue #22!

Writer Tom Sniegoski continues to weave a post-apocalyptic tale featuring a literal hell on earth as a reborn vampirella fights against the literal forces of chaos to save humanity from its ultimate destruction!

Vampirella and Jeannine wander the Chaoslands, exploring a world on the brink of transformation. In the tiny town of Surette they think they’ve found an example of peace and tranquility, but soon learn that looks can be deceiving. In order for there to be harmony in the town, all must feed the desires of Mandrasath—and it looks like Vampirella will be the perfect snack.

Vengeance of Vampirella #22

The Scorched Gathers Spawn’s Best Characters Into One Superhero Team

The Scorched #1

The Year of Spawn continues with Todd McFarlane’s newest book, The Scorched #1. This new book comes hot off the heels of three record-breaking books, Spawn’s Universe #1King Spawn #1 and Gunslinger Spawn #1, which were the biggest selling Image Comics books in the 21st century. 

The Scorched #1 is the first all-new issue of McFarlane’s Superhero team book. After 30 years of the regular monthly Spawn book, TheScorched gathers the best of the characters for three decades and puts them together into one title. McFarlane has also recruited some of the top talent in the industry for this inaugural launch.

The initial characters in The Scorched #1 first issue will include: Reaper, Spawn, Redeemer, Gunslinger, Medieval Spawn, She-Spawn, and many more waiting in the wings.

McFarlane again enlisted some top creative talent to contribute to The Scorched including writer Sean Lewis and artists Stephen Segovia and Paulo Sequeria. Featuring cover art by Frank Quitely, Greg Capullo, Don Aguillo, fellow Image founder Marc Silvestri, Brett Booth, and McFarlane. Booth’s cover of The Scorched #1 interconnects with King Spawn #1 and Gunslinger Spawn #1 to form one epic work of art.

The Scorched #1 will have a 1:250 copy incentive cover which McFarlane will hand-sign and create a unique sequential number for each issue (based on the Final Order Cutoff total). Each signed The Scorched #1 1:250 includes a CGC Certificate of Authenticity that retailers can send in and redeem through CGC to have their books graded. This is the only time McFarlane will sign The Scorched #1 1:250 copy incentive cover.  

Additionally, The Scorched #1 will have a 1:50 copy incentive variant cover by Capullo.

For every 250 copies of The Scorched #1 issues ordered, retailers will become eligible to order five incentive covers of The Scorched #1 by Capullo and one The Scorched #1 McFarlane incentive cover.  

Join the battle with The Scorched #1 extravaganza as an epic tale of heaven, hell, and earth all begin to collide!

The Scorched #1 will be available at comic book shops (48 pages, full color, rated: Teen+, $5.99, premium 10 pt cover stock) and on digital platforms, including Amazon Kindle, Apple Books, and Google Play on Wednesday, December 15:

  • Cover A by Quitely – Diamond Code OCT210015
  • Cover B by Booth – Diamond Code OCT210016
  • Cover C by Capullo – Diamond Code OCT210017
  • Cover D by McFarlane – Diamond Code OCT210018
  • Cover E by Aguillo – Diamond Code OCT210019
  • Cover F by Silvestri – Diamond Code OCT210020
  • Cover G 1:50 copy incentive sketch by Capullo – Diamond Code OCT210021
  • Cover H 1:250 copy incentive McFarlane signed – Diamond Code OCT210022

5 New Comics from Harlequin and Marvel are Available Now on comiXology

Marvel and Harlequin have you covered with five new releases available now on comiXology. Check out what you can get now!

Wolverine by Jason Aaron Complete Collection Vol. 1

Written by Jason Aaron
Art by Howard Chaykin, Ron Garney, Adam Kubert, Paco Diaz Luque, Stephen Segovia, Udon Studios
Cover by Olivier Coipel

Collects Wolverine (2003) #56, #62-65 and material from #73-74; Wolverine: Manifest Destiny #1-4; Wolverine: Weapon X #1-5; and material from Wolverine (1988) #175.

He’s the best there is at what he does – and Wolverine’s not so bad, either. Now, the debut of writer Jason Aaron’s acclaimed and character-defining Wolverine run is collected in one volume! Joined by some of comics’ top artists, Aaron (PUNISHERMAX, Scalped) pits Wolverine against an array of twisted foes including super-powered kung-fu gangsters, a platoon of Adamantium-enhanced mercenaries, a broken little man with a very big gun, a nonstop barrage of Marvel’s heaviest hitters, and – in a brutal, no-holds-barred battle that may destroy them both – the treacherous, shape-changing Mystique! Guest-starring Spider-Man, the X-Men, X-Force, the Avengers and more!

Wolverine by Jason Aaron Complete Collection Vol. 1

Wolverine by Jason Aaron Complete Collection Vol. 2

Written by Jason Aaron
Art by Jock, Ron Garney, Davide Gianfelice, Yanick Paquette, Esad Ribic, C.P. Smith
Cover by Steve Epting

Collects Dark Reign: The List – Wolverine, Wolverine: Weapon X #6-16, and material from All-New Wolverine Saga And Dark X-Men: The Beginning #3.

He’s the best there is at what he does – and Wolverine’s not so bad, either. The acclaimed and character-defining Wolverine run of writer Jason Aaron’s (PUNISHERMAX, Scalped) continues in this second volume! Joined by some of comics’ top artists, Aaron puts Wolverine through his paces: fighting the bizarre “living religion” Allgod, battling his way back to sanity from within Dr. Rot’s corrupt asylum, and facing unstoppable Deathlok assassins from the future – not to mention getting a girlfriend and grappling with the loss of his best friend! Plus: the double threats of Norman Osborn and Mystique! Guest-starring Marvel Boy, Fantomex, Psylocke, Captain America, the Avengers and more!

Wolverine by Jason Aaron Complete Collection Vol. 2

Thor: Warriors Three Complete Collection

Written by Tom DeFalco, Gary Friedrich, Stan Lee, Walt Simonson, Len Wein, Bill Willingham, Alan Zelenetz
Art by Deodato Studios, Joe Barney, John Buscema, Neil Edwards, Jack Kirby, Marie Severin, Herb Trimpe, Charles Vess
Cover by Joe Barney

Collects Thor Annual #2, Incredible Hulk (1968) #102, Marvel Spotlight (1971) #30, Marvel Fanfare (1982) #34-35, Journey Into Mystery (1952) #-1, Warriors Three #1-4 — And Material From Tales To Astonish (1959) #101; Marvel Fanfare (1982) #13 And #36-37; Thor (1966) #400, #410 And #415-416; Marvel Comics Presents (1988) #66; Thor Annual #17; And Marvel Super-Heroes (1990) #15.

The Lord of the Sword, the Master of the Mace and the God of Girth! A romance-seeking rogue, a somber soldier and a fumbling family man: They’re one odd trio, but they’re the God of Thunder’s closest comrades – and even without him, they remain Asgard’s finest! Watch the Warriors Three face down Loki, Ulik, the Enchantress, the Destroyer and more! And when the fearsome Fenris Wolf returns, the Warriors Three undertake a quest to discover the secret of his defeat!

Thor: Warriors Three Complete Collection

Twelve: The Complete Series

Written by J. Michael Straczynski, Chris Weston
Art by Chris Weston
Cover by Kaare Andrews

Collects The Twelve #1-12, The Twelve: Spearhead.

Yesterday’s men of tomorrow – today! The Phantom Reporter. Electro. The Black Widow. The Laughing Mask. The Blue Blade. Dynamic Man. Mastermind Excello. Mister E. The Fiery Mask. The Witness. Rockman. Captain Wonder. Lying dormant for sixty years, these twelve heroes awaken in a tormented world that needs them more than ever. But has the world grown beyond their brand of old-fashioned heroism? Behold the stunning post-modernist tale of sacrifice, betrayal and human nature by writer J. Michael Stracyzynski (TV’s Babylon 5, AMAZING SPIDER-MAN) and artist Chris Weston (The Invisibles, FANTASTIC FOUR: THE FIRST FAMILY). Plus: Journey into the past to follow the death-defying exploits of the Phantom Reporter on the front lines of World War II and witness his first encounter with history’s greatest super heroes!

Twelve: The Complete Series

Without Trust

Written by Penny Jordan
Art by Azumi Kana

After being falsely accused of embezzlement, Lark decides to confront the prosecuting lawyer to prove her innocence. What awaits her is gorgeous, intimidating attorney James Wolfe. Lark decides to trust James with her plea but finds out a week later that her information has been leaked! Tabloids paint her as a conspiring femme fatale, which results in Lark losing not only her job and home but also the trust of her family. Overcoming her despair, Lark reunites with James, who wants to help her fight her case!

Without Trust

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Preview: Vampiverse #1

Vampiverse #1

writer: Tom Sniegoski, Jeannine Acheson
artist: Daniel Maine
covers: Adam Hughes (A), Stephen Segovia (B), Maria Laura Sanapo (C), Meghan Hetrick (D), Rachel Hollon Cosplay (E), Blank Autentix (F), Stephen Segovia (G-RI/Line Art), Adam Hughes (H-RI/Line Art), Maria Laura Sanapo (I-RI/Line Art), Rachel Hollon Cosplay (J-RI/BW), Adam Hughes (K-RI/BW), Meghan Hetrick (L-RI/BW)
FC | 32 pages | Horror, Action/Adventure | $3.99 | Teen+

From the writers of Vengeance of Vampirella, and the Vampirella Valentine’s Day Special 2021 comes a mind-splitting event!

A different Vampirella for every thread—for every kind of story—across the Fabric of time and space. A Vampirella of every conceivable notion born to protect her particular reality . . . but now something—someone—is killing them and stealing away their precious life energies and growing in power. It is up to the Vampirella of one of these universes to gather some of her special sisters to stop this growing threat and keep it from destroying the Creator of all things—the Artist—and preventing the unraveling of all reality.

THOMAS E. SNIEGOSKI is the author of more than two dozen novels for adults, teens, and children. His teen fantasy YA series Fallen was adapted into a trilogy of monstrously successful TV movies. His other books for teens include Sleeper Code, Sleeper Agenda, Legacy, and Force Majeure, as well as the series The Brimstone Network. The author’s first adult novel, A Kiss Before the Apocalypse, was developed into a series of novels about the character Remy Chandler.

As a comic book writer, Sniegoski’s work includes Stupid, Stupid Rat Tails, a prequel miniseries to international hit Bone. Sniegoski collaborated with Bone creator Jeff Smith on the prequel, making him the only writer Smith has ever asked to work on those characters. Sniegoski and writer Christopher Golden also wrote the graphic novel BPRD: Hollow Earth, a spinoff from Hellboy.

Sniegoski was born and raised in Massachusetts, where he still lives with his wife LeeAnne and their dog, Kirby.

Vampiverse #1

The Goblin Queen Returns as it’s Judgement Day for the Hellions in Hellions #18

One of the most buzzed about X-Men titles on stands today, Zeb Well and Stephen Segovia’s Hellions has delivered a dramatic and action-packed examination of mutantkind’s most dangerous mutants.  This December, this unpredictable saga will come to an end in a final issue that will rock the very foundation of Krakoa and send shockwaves throughout mutantkind!

Orphan-Maker has committed a horrible crime. As he faces the ultimate penalty, the cracks in the team are on full display. Secrets, betrayals, alliances and loss all come to the surface as the fallout of Orphan-Maker’s actions threatens to end all the Hellions have worked toward!

Plus, a final decision is made regarding one of the most troublesome figures in mutant history: Madelyne Pryor AKA THE GOBLIN QUEEN. Fierce X-Men ally turned vengeful X-Men villain, the controversial clone of Jean Grey and ex-wife to Cyclops has served many roles over the years. Will Maddie return as a friend or foe?

Don’t miss the final issue of, Hellions #18, this December! Check out the covers by Stephen Segovia, Peach Momoko, and Philip Tan.

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