Review: Mister Miracle #11

If there’s one thing popular fiction has taught us by now, it’s: never make a deal with the devil! And yet Mister Miracle is still listening when Darkseid approaches him with just such a devilish proposition-if Scott sends his newborn son to Apokolips, there will be peace on New Genesis. Since when has Darkseid been famous for his honesty?! It’ll be a miracle if this doesn’t blow up in Scott’s face.

For ten issues Mister Miracle has been amazing and confounding. The mystery has been teased for all these issues with “Darkseid Is” and how this ties into DC Universe continuity and with this issue, it all becomes clear. Writer Tom King has again and again shown that he can play the long game with stories that play out over years and this is another example with an issue that just nails it in every way.

Mister Miracle #11 is the issue that had my dropping my review copy and stating “holy shit” multiple times. It’s a rollercoaster of an issue that toys with your emotions and throughout packs such a punch. I rarely vocally react to comics and this one had me reacting out loud multiple times. It’s hard to review it without spoiling things.

King has put together the penultimate issue of this series and delivered such a reveal at the end that it’ll leave you questioning the entire series and wanting to go back to the beginning to reread. This is a comic series that begs to be reread multiple times.

King also nails the emotional aspects of it all. Barda and Scott’s quandry as to what they should do with Jacob is heartwrenching and as a new father, I felt myself sucked in emotionally. Often comics are measured in how you relate to them at the time and new parents or soon to be parents (parents in general) will appreciate this one on a whole other level. There’s an emotional play that’s perfectly executed.

Mitch Gerads‘ art is exciting sticking to the usual nine panel page layouts with little variation. But, what Gerads does that’s truly impressive is take us on a visual rollercoaster. King’s story would be exciting but to see the physical toll of it all can only be delivered visually. Like the last issue, every nuanced movement tells so much as to where our heroes stand. Gerads has an impressive ability to focus on subtle body language to tell you so much more.

This is a hell of an issue and maybe the best reveal in comics in the last decade. This series has been impressive up to this point but this issue cements the maxiseries as a modern classic. With one more issue to go to explain and wrap it all up, this is the true climax that will set up an emotional finale.

Story: Tom King Art: Mitch Gerads
Letterer: Clayton Cowles Cover Art: Nick Derington

Story: 10 Art: 10 Overall: 10 Recommendation: Buy

DC Comics provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review