Dark Horse and Ninkasi Brewing Team Up for Legends of Ninkasi: Rise of Craft

Beer and comics fans rejoice! Dark Horse Comics and Ninkasi Brewing Company are “hoppy” to announce a new partnership. These two innovative and creative Pacific Northwest companies are combining their passions to create a story that speaks to the origins of Ninkasi in Legends of Ninkasi: Rise of Craft.

Written by Jim Gibbons with art by Eduardo FranciscoLegend of Ninkasi: Rise of Craftwill be available for purchase at NinkasiCon next spring along with a beer featured in the comic. In Legend of Ninkasi: Rise of Craft, the citizens of the medieval kingdom of Eugenia subsist in a listless stupor because the evil King Blüdweisen is holding them hostage. He’s outlawed craft beer and serves only his terrible-tasting, mass-produced brew. Sensing some corruption of the spirit of beer, Ninkasi, the Sumerian goddess of fermentation, and her faithful companion Tricerahops travel through time and space to investigate these dark portents. There they meet two brewers who they inspire to rebellion—a rebellion against horrible beer . . . and zombie vikings!

Join Ninkasi Brewing Company founders Jamie Floyd and Nikos Ridge, and Legend of Ninkasi: Rise of Craft writer Jim Gibbons at Rose City Comic Con for a signing in the Dark Horse booth (#711) today at 6:00 PM!