Shinobi: Ninja Princess is Mystic Fantasy Colliding with High Heroics

Written by Martheus Wade, with art by Wade, colors by Gene Fayne, and a cover by Janet Wade, the Shinobi: Ninja Princess Hardcover Collection collects the first two volumes of the action-packed series, coming in at a whopping 326 pages that the entire family can enjoy.

Shinobi: Ninja Princess follows the journeys of 14 year old ninja prodigy Shianndrea Toshigawa. She takes on the trappings of a normal teenager while dealing with the responsibility of a young ninja in training who is hunted by a rival ninja clan.

The hardcover for Shinobi: Ninja Princess is now available for pre-order with the Diamond Previews code AUG181432. You get 326 pages of fantasy action for $19.99.