From The Dangers of the Infinity Stones, New Heroes Will Emerge…The Infinity Warps!

What happens when you look into the warp? You find some of the most exciting and unique Two-In-One heroes that the Marvel Universe has ever seen! A little scary, a little intriguing…just what are the secrets behind their stories?

This November, superstar writers Ryan North, Mariko Tamaki, and Jim Zub bring their game to a whole new level along with the art talents of Natacha Bustos, Francisco Herrera, and Ozgur Yildirim in Infinity Wars: Infinity Warps #1!

How did a covert program of the Green Room create the gamma-powered Green Widow? What are the secrets of the siblings Mister Invisible and Hot Rocks, the Terrific Two? And can Moon Squirrel and Tippysaur save the planet from its most dangerous threat ever? You’ll have to pick it up to find out!

Don’t miss Infinity Wars: Infinity Warps #1, on sale this November 14th in local comic shops!