Review: Aphrodite V #1

Top Cow has a long history with a rather impressive, and woefully underused, cast of characters and recently has been doing what they can to kickstart things, like the recent relaunch of Cyber Force. Aphrodite V is the next in that initiative re-imagining the character, sort of, while keeping the basics.

Written by Bryan Hill, the first issue is heavy on action and touches on some interesting real world issues. We’re introduced to a technocrat business owner who has a goal of privatizing the Los Angeles police force using his technology to improve wages and efficiency. There was a recent television show, that didn’t last long, with a similar premise, and both are rooted in the real world. But, for unknown reasons, this well-meaning individual is slated to be assassinated and in steps Aphrodite V. We don’t really know why and the issue doesn’t do a lot to answer any of that.

Instead, the issue is a refocus on the origin of Aphrodite, the program, and this particular model. It’s a reintroduction to the character which is well done and a solid way for new readers to get to know the character and the world she comes from. While a lot of the issue is predictable in plot, it’s done well. The pacing of the story by Hill is good and the dialogue sharp.

That’s all helped by the art of Jeff Spokes. The art is generally great with a limited number of colors being used and some interesting use of page layouts. The use of color is interesting in that it’s generally restricted to greens, reds, browns, and blacks. The look of the issue is fantastic in that sense. There’s a very distinctive style about it all.

The issue is a good debut and leaves things open in how it ties into the greater story, read the first page, that’ll make sense. There’s a good set-up in the first issue and that’s exactly what this is, the set up. Good action, good pacing, and some interesting characters takes a familiar story (it’s The Terminator without the time travel) but presents it in an entertaining way. The opening of the issue indicates we might get more than that familiar story, we’ll have to wait and see. This is a first issue that has me coming back for more.

Story: Bryan Hill Art: Jeff Spokes
Story: 7.5 Art: 8.25 Overall: 7.5 Recommendation: Read

Top Cow provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review