Gail Simone, Fabian Nicieza and More Bring You Domino Annual #1!

Because you demanded it! The runaway success of Domino’s solo series has had fans and retailers clamoring for more stories in her world, and readers have fallen in love Neena Thurman all over again!

This September, Marvel has assembled an all-star team to chronicle her adventures! Acclaimed series writer Gail Simone is joined by a host of superstar creators, including Deadpool co-creator Fabian Nicieza, Dennis Hopeless, and Leah Williams, to bring you new and exciting adventures featuring everyone’s favorite femme fatale – with art by Victor Ibanez, Juan Gedeon, Natacha Bustos, Leonard Kirk, and more!

But that’s not all! Cable and Colossus, two of Domino’s most requested ex-flames make a return – but one reunion will prove to be bittersweet. Find out which this September, when Domino Annual #1 hits comic shops! The issue is out September 26th with a cover by Greg Land.