Review: Black Panther #1

For years, T’Challa has fought off invaders from his homeland, protecting Wakanda from everything from meddling governments to long-lost gods. Now, he will discover that Wakanda is much bigger than he ever dreamed…

Across the vast Multiverse lies an empire founded in T’Challa’s name. We first saw a glimpse of the Intergalactic Empire of Wakanda in Marvel Legacy #1 and now that teasing is playing out with this new first issue that takes us in an interesting direction.

Writer Ta-Nehisi Coates has delivered an interesting Black Panther run that has seen the writer get stronger in his abilities the longer its gone one. Throughout, he’s delivered stories that have explored government, religion, and more and here he seems to be taking many of the themes he’s touched upon and have gone bigger.

The negative so far is the first issue feels like Thor: Ragnarok/World War Hulk in that we see enslaved people and the makings of a rebellion. It’s pretty standard in that way. But, the concept of a nation that has generally been isolationist dealing with expansion and conquering is an interesting concept and one that opens up a lot of potential for the series and characters.

What exactly is going on is not explained though. We’re dumped right into the story, which, while not bad, also leaves you wondering at the end of the issue and a bit confused about what has been read. Yes, the comics are a monthly thing but there’s a point there can be too much of a mystery. This first issue borders on that.

The art by Daniel Acuña is as fantastic as I’d expect. The futuristic alien designs are just a treat to look at and while there’s a familiarity with the cosmic it also doesn’t just retread what we’ve seen before at Marvel. There’s a lot of originality here and more than enough to keep long time Marvel fans happy.

The first issue is good and has me interested, much like Coates’ first issue of Black Panther so long ago. While it doesn’t have me pumped, it has me intrigued as this feels like a concept and attempt at something very different for the character. While much of the first issue is a frustrating mystery, that’s part of the point. With what’s presented this is one series I’ll check out further to see how it plays out and where it all goes.

Story: Ta-Nehisi Coates Art: Daniel Acuña Lettering: VC’s Joe Sabino
Story: 7.5 Art: 8.5 Overall: 7.5 Recommendation: Read

Marvel provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review