Take a Trip to Elk Mountain with a New Kickstarter Exploring Superheroes and the Communities they Defend

Elk Mountain explores the relationship between heroes and the communities they defend. What are the realistic expectations of these heroes? Can we expect them to be everywhere and save everyone? Is it smart to put so much faith in one individual, no matter how powerful they are?

And what are the responsibilities of a community to it’s hero? How much is it on them to be accountable for what goes on where they live?

Elk Mountain also looks at how the current climate of fear can break apart a community in an instant. Fear of the other can turn long time neighbors against each other, and it’s happening right now with immigrants and non-immigrants. People who have lived and worked here peacefully for years are being forcibly removed from their homes and jobs.

A Kickstarter campaign is running now with a goal of $9,000. Money from the Kickstarter is going to paying the creative team as well as printing the books, rewards, and shipping. Rewards include not just the comic but also tutorials from the team, enamel pins, and your chance to be drawn in the comic.

The comic series is written by Jordan Clark whose work has appeared in Bitch Planet Triple Feature #2 as well as his own published work Duality and Kane Maverick. Art is provided by Vince Underwood who is the writer/artist for the self published Page Turn and has provided covers for Clark’s Hive Mind and Kane Maverick. Brittany Peer is the colorist who has worked on such series as Misfit City, Slam, Dodge City, TMNTU, Jem & The Holograms. Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou has lettered for books like Short Order Cooks and Stain the Seas Scarlet. He’s also doing letters for the upcoming Image book Shanghai Red.

You can get a digital copy for just $3 and the campaign runs until June 11th.

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