Review: Dodge City #2

Tomás is no longer the newest player on the Jazz Pandas, and with another teammate they stand a better chance of making it through the season, if they can manage not kill to each other first!

What’s all this with cheating and the Jazz Pandas? So much is revealed here in a second issue that builds on the first quite well. Writer Josh Trujillo knocks the second issue of Dodge City out of the park (or should I say thrown a ball and knock a player out?). This second issue not only dives further into the characters themselves but also some of what was hinted at in the first issue. There’s no dragging things out, the comic is delivering and paying off quickly.

What is one player hardly ever around? Answered. What about that cheating? Answered. What about the relationship of two players? Answered.

And Trujillo builds more questions into things as well. Ones I’m sure will pay off quickly delivering a satisfying experience.

There’s also the focus on the characters themselves. Two issues in and I feel like I have a good foundation of who these characters are and what their personalities are like. I have a handle of what to expect and who I should like and dislike. And that includes a brand new character who’s brought into the issue and seems like they’ll be a regular.

All of those characters have personality in their look too. The art by Cara McGee with color by Gonçalo Lopes and lettering by Jim Campbell continues to be wonderful. There’s something fun about the way it looks and how the various characters are depicted and their reactions. The art helps tell the story with tiny character reactions that give you a better idea as to what they’re thinking. There’s small inflections and additions that goes beyond the dialogue. Each character too is unique and stands out. There’s no generic background characters here.

I loved the first issue and love the second as well. Great art. Fun story. Great characters. And the fact it pays off in the second issue. There’s a lot answered and there’s a lot more set up. Can’t wait to read the third in what is one of the freshest new comics of the year.

Story: Josh Trujillo Art: Cara McGee
Cover Artist: Cara McGee Letterer: Jim Campbell Colorist: Gonçalo Lopes
Story: 8.5 Art: 8.5 Overall: 8.5 Recommendation: Buy

BOOM! Studios provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review