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Bloodshot Salvation #9 – Jeff Lemire, Ray Fawkes, & Renato Guedes Reveal Bloodhound’s Origin Story In May!

Valiant has released a first look inside Bloodshot Salvation #9 – a stunning STANDALONE ORIGIN STORY featuring the never-before-seen history of the indestructible mammalian machine known as Bloodhound! On May 16th, New York Times best-selling writer Jeff Lemire, Eisner, Harvey Award nominee Ray Fawkes, and astonishing artist Renato Guedes combine their talents for a one-shot issue witnessing the birth of Project Rising Spirit’s Bloodshot program – and the canine weapon of untold destruction they unleashed upon the war to end all wars!

In the wire-strewn trenches of World War I, witness the true story of a good boy gone bad… Before he found his place at Ray Garrison’s side, Bloodshot’s loyal companion learned the depths of mankind’s inhumanity toward brother and beast alike on the battlefields of France. Now, as the Kaiser’s war machine approaches, find out firsthand how a beloved comrade with four legs and a soul full of fury inspired a legacy that still stands after more than a century!

Featuring covers by Kenneth RocafortRenato GuedesGiuseppe Camuncoli, Juan José Ryp, and Shane Davis!