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Review: Cyberforce #1

In a modern world where humanity is defined by the technology it creates, a terrorist strikes at the heart of human progress. One of the few survivors of the attack is a man named Morgan Stryker. Mortally wounded, Stryker’s life is saved by his employers…but the price could be his humanity itself.

The classic series returns in a reimagining overseen by creator Marc Silvestri and with that I’ve been excited to see where it all goes. The concept of Cyberforce in a today’s world has a lot of potential. And I’ll admit I expected the first issue to be interesting as to how it might reflect that. Writers Matt Hawkins and Bryan Hill give us a glimpse of that potential with a focus on a addiction to technology and those who want to break us of that. And the Cyberforce team itself is the blending of technology and humanity. It’s a forced use of technology much like we experience every day.

There’s also the aspect of the terrorist attack and the person forced to seek revenge. That aspect of the story feels like a trope at this point and something we’ve seen so many times before by Hawkins and Hill give it enough emotional heft to make it feel original.

The art by Atilio Rojo is interesting and feels a lot like the styles we’ve seen on previous iterations of the series. But, there’s also a unique take on the familiar characters themselves with slight differences that you can tell this is Rojo’s unique take on them. There are issues with the art though. Stryker makes a comment about a third arm, with no third arm present. It’s an odd moment where the dialogue and art doesn’t sync up.

I really enjoyed previous volumes so there’s a bar for this debut issue and I’m happy to say, the first issue clears it. It nails what it needs and gives us a new origin story that takes us in some new fresh directions. If you’ve ever wanted to check out this “classic” series, this is a perfect issue to start with.

Story: Matt Hawkins, Bryan Hill Art: Atilio Rojo Lettering: Troy Peteri
Story: 7.75 Art: 7.5 Overall: 7.6 Recommendation: Read

Image Comics provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

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