‘Til Death Do Us Part: Kitty and Colossus Tie The Knot!

This April, the most exciting X-Men: Gold arc yet launches with ‘Til Death Do Us Part – culminating in the wedding of Kitty Pryde and Colossus! But wedding planning takes a backseat as the X-Men fall under attack, with Colossus being the ultimate target, and that’s just the start of troubles to come.

It’s a super hero wedding the mutant way – with fights, adversities, evil alliances and more! The action kicks off in X-Men: Gold #26, with the knot between Anne “Kitty” Pryde and Pytor “Peter” Nikolaievitch Rasputin being tied in X-Men: Gold #30 this June! Plus, don’t miss the essential companion to the ‘Til Death Do Us Partarc: The X-Men Wedding Special featuring the return of Chris Claremont, out this May.

X-Men: Gold is written by Marc Guggenheim and features covers by Phil Noto through issue #30. X-Men: Gold #26 features art by Diego Bernard and Paul Renaud and is on sale April 18. X-Men: Gold #27 features art by Michele Bandini and comes to shelves May 2. X-Men: Gold #28 and #29 features art by Geraldo Borges with #28 on sale May 23 and #29 on sale June 6. X-Men: Gold #30 features art by David Marquez and will be on shelves June 20.

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