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Review: Avengers #681


Where we last left Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, various members scattered across the globe with one taking on the Lethal Legion and the other, the Black Order due to the two teams battling over a game between the Grandmaster and the Challenger and the game isn’t stopping anytime soon.

Continuing off where the last issue ended, there’s still plenty of action and intrigue to go around and it’s working for the most part save for a few minor hiccups. For one, Rogue killing Corvius Glave doesn’t seem to have much consequences aside from a few of the heroes being unnerved by the extreme action she took. Really, absorbing him amounted to her finding out what exactly is going on. It’s good that it served that purpose but I would have liked some more moments about Rogue killing one of the Black Order. Though you can argue she was justified for doing such given, you know, they’re using Earth as a battlefield for a sick game?

So between that and Synapse getting a thought reading on one of the Lethal Legion, everyone now knows what is even going on, so now the stakes are completely set, which is good! And we also get an idea for the origin of Voyager which in true sort of, Silver Age fashion, it was something of a total accident, not helped by the fact that said accident was motivated by her as a child not wanting to accept her parents getting a divorce and as she describes it, “[her powers] took away the pain.”

It still doesn’t technically explain how she knew the Avengers and was part of the history, maybe it’s just me and either writer of this book can explain it better to me. I mean, it’s not a bad origin, just that I don’t think I’ve fully grasped how is Voyager supposed to work in the greater context.

Despite that however, writers Jim Zub, Mark Waid, and Al Ewing still craft a solid issue with good character moments spread out. It’s an all out action brawl with small character moments this time around but it’s good action and they paced themselves quite well at it. As does the art by Kim Jacinto but this time with some assistance by Mike Perkins given the Voyager origin which gives it a nice aged feel to it which worked quite effectively.

Not much else to say except it’s a good issue to get things moving forward especially with the last couple of pages. If you’ve been enjoying this, keep reading it, it’s still a solid story.


Marvel provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

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