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The World’s Worst Superhero Team Jumps into Harbinger Wars 2 for Quantum and Woody! #6 – Coming in May!

Valiant has announced Quantum and Woody! (2017) #6 – the FIRST ISSUE of A PULSE-POUNDING TIE-IN TO Harbinger Wars 2, Valiant’s seismic 2018 event! Klang, klang…klunk? When the lights go out across America, the world’s worst superhero team is going to finally find out if they have what it takes to be the heroes the Valiant Universe deserves!

On May 30th, get a supercharged introduction to the colossal stakes and worldwide ramifications of the summer’s must-read crossover event, as red-hot rising star Eliot Rahal and explosive artist Francis Portela finally answer the gripping questions that have long haunted Eric and Woody Henderson: When push comes to shove, can they stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the world’s most formidable heroes…and, hey, just what happens if they don’t “klang,” anyway?!?

In the ultimate display of power, Livewire has plunged the United States into darkness. From coast to coast, once-vital technology has now been rendered worthless… No cars… No phones… No quantum bands?!? Without the high-tech gauntlets that bind them together, the world’s worst superhero team have 24 hours before they disintegrate into nothingness… Now, stripped of their powers and unable to “klang,” can Quantum and Woody become the heroes they’ve always aspired to be and secure the streets of the nation’s capital…before time runs out?

Featuring covers by Ariel Olivetti, Geoff Shaw, and Javier Pulido – comes kicking and screaming into Valiant’s cataclysmic summer crossover!