Review: Damage #1

Tasked as the government’s own living, breathing, ticking time bomb, Ethan retains no control when the monster takes over. Cheaper than a nuclear warhead and twice as effective, Ethan fights to rein in the damage he unleashes when the beast inside him springs free for one hour a day. With everyone around him in danger, Ethan struggles to contain the DAMAGE he inflicts on the DC Universe.

What if DC Comics did the Hulk? That’s pretty much Damage #1 which seems to out-Marvel Marvel Comics. Spinning out of Dark Nights: Metal (we don’t know how they’re related), the “New Age of Heroes” launches with this debut issue written by Robert Venditti and Tony S. Daniel with art by Daniel and inks by Danny Miki.

The story itself is pretty simple, and familiar, a man turns into a monster and rampages across the land destroying what’s in front of him. That man/monster is also a weapon for the United States government who is attempting to capture him. It’s the Hulk. And that’s not a bad thing at all.

The comic is set in a way that we’re thrown into the middle of the destruction as well as the aftermath and that familiarity is part of the ease of the comic and why it’s so easy to get in to. We’ve seen this in many ways, this is just a new presentation.

The creative team also delivers emotional depth with characters dying and a lot of reaction to that. It takes a simple monster destroying things and adds in the impact of it all. There’s also some hints as to an interesting exploration into military escalation and ramifications when it comes to weaponry.

The art by Daniel and Miki is fantastic with some awesome spreads. The art just hits you with the massive amount of destruction and the complete chaos of it all. There’s also some solid artistic and narrative choices with a countdown clock which adds a sense of immediacy and finality of things. The destruction will end but how much will happen until then?

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect but this was not it and that’s a good thing. It feels like there’s a vision here and the “New Age of Heroes” as a whole. While we’ve seen this before, the way it’s presented feels fresh and exciting as it breaks DC’s mold in some ways. Solid stuff that has me looking forward to seeing what’s next.

Story: Robert Venditti, Tony S. Daniel Art: Tony S. Daniel Ink: Danny Miki
Story: 8.0 Art: 8.35 Overall: 8.25 Recommendation: Buy

DC Comics provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review