Review: Spider-Men II #5

Spider-Men II #5Spider-Men II #5 wraps up the second volume of Brian Michael Bendis and Sara Pichelli‘s journey for Miles Morales. What would normally be an intriguing event finale is made even more interesting by Bendis’ leaving Marvel for DC Comics. Spider-Men II #5 is no longer just a final issue, it feels more like a final chapter for the pair of creators.

When you really think about this miniseries it’s not your normal one. Yes there’s battles. And there’s lots of action. But, the “villain” at the center of it all isn’t doing anything too nefarious (there’s a debate about being an obsessed stalker). There’s not attempts to take over the world. This is about two Miles Morales. It’s about two individuals who are taking stalk over their lives and assessing their roles in the world. One is reeling from the loss of a love. The other is attempting to have a social life. It’s not about punching, it’s about two individuals with the same names attempting to find something.

Without spoiling the ending (something that’s been hinted at in other series), Spider-Men II feels like Bendis reminding us of his impact on Marvel. It feels special because he’s doing it with Pichelli, an artist who I associate with his Ultimate Universe run. It’s an end of this chapter for the Miles, it’s an end for this chapter for Bendis and Pichelli too. And with that, it becomes a bit more touching and personal.

Pichelli’s art is fantastic as expected mixing together action and very touching moments. This is a series whose last two issues in particular are as much about the individual’s attempting to live their normal lives and taking stock of it as it is the action. Both are rendered beautifully. The art brings the emotional punch of Bendis’ story. And the details focused on in each panel are thought out and enhance the emotional resonance.

This is a closing chapter in many ways and it’s a touching one that celebrates and reflects upon the years that Bendis and Pichelli has delivered. Where things go from here will be interesting, but much like their original work, it feels like the two have opened doorways of possibilities.

Story: Brian Michael Bendis Art: Sara Pichelli
Story: 8.0 Art: 8.0 Overall: 8.0 Recommendation: Buy

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